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Back to Wall Toilets

Minimalise with a Back to Wall Toilet

Some toilets can end up taking up quite a lot of room, especially when your bathroom is already on the small side. One way to solve this is to get a back to wall toilet as this type of toilet helps towards expressing minimalism in your bathroom by maximising space. It does this by concealing the cistern behind the pan by hiding it away in a unit or behind a wall. All our back to wall toilets are the latest in contemporary style and are constructed from high quality ceramic with a gleaming white finish. It’s designer luxury without the designer price tag!

We recommend

Monaco Back to Wall Toilet

Was £199.97

Saving £70


  • Saturn Back to Wall Toilet



  • Monaco Back to Wall Toilet



  • Roubaix Back to Wall Toilet
    Promotional Offer



  • Toulon Back to Wall Toilet



  • Bordeaux Back to Wall Toilet



  • Sanicompact Back To Wall Toilet with Built-in Macerator Pump




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