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Whirlpool Baths

Experience A Whirlpool Bath

Imagine getting into your favourite bath at home and then imagine the best full body massage you’ve ever had; now imagine that all rolled into one. Well, with a whirlpool bath that’s exactly what you’ll receive. The relaxing feeling of getting home after a hard day’s work and soaking in the bath whilst being massaged from head to toe with powerful water from the whirlpool jets. Why pay ridiculous spa-day prices when you can simply install luxury equipment that spas use in your own home? Just think, every single day you could be stepping into your whirlpool bath full of stress and stepping out feeling invigorated, calm and collected.

We recommend

Ceramica Double Ended Curved Bath 1700mm x 750mm with 8 Jet Whirlpool

Was £599.98

Saving £270


Benefits & A Brief History

Since way back in the 1950s when the Jacuzzi brothers introduced the whirlpool bath to the world, people have been enthralled by the concept. Many people back then saw it as a healing device and only the rich were afforded the luxury. However, as technology has advanced, this stunning therapeutic device has become available to virtually everyone at just a fraction of the price it used to be. Not only will you be able to relax far more than you would in a regular bath, but you’ll also have the added benefits of hydrotherapy. For many years this has been a documented practice which has been linked and proven to help alleviate stress, which can help you focus and be happier in your day to day life. It can also improve blood circulation throughout your body, speed up the healing of muscle and inflammation, as well as provide pain relief from forms of arthritis. Sounds like a pretty fantastic investment for the bathroom, right?

Relax & Retreat

With our wide range of affordable luxury whirlpool baths now on offer, you can create your own spa retreat in the confines of your own house. As mentioned previously, a whirlpool bath will make the most out of your body and bring you to a state where your body it at its maximum potential both physically and mentally. Not only does this give your body the chance to heal, but it also gives you the chance to relax and escape. The best whirlpool baths such as those currently available will push all of your worries and stress aside and replace it with a feeling of content. Sometimes it pays off to give yourself a bit of time to relax and take some time out of your hectic day to day life; we want to help you do just that!

Innovative Jet Design

Jets are arguably the most important thing on whirlpool baths; they provide the power needed to disturb the water film which creates effervescence and allows for heat transfer. Sadly, many whirlpool baths put the jets against your back or at your feet which isn’t efficient and can actually decrease levels of relaxation which is exactly the opposite of what a whirlpool bath is intended for. Instead, all of our whirlpool baths have jets located on the sides for a completely immersive experience that will subject your entire body to the massaging rush of water created by the high quality jets. Our high quality whirlpool baths include models with 6, 8 or more jets in order to maximise the experience without increasing noise or power consumption.


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