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Kitchen Taps

Kitchen Taps

Perfect Taps For Every Kitchen Sink

A kitchen tap can add the finishing touch you need to complete your sink and turn it into an area of bliss. People spend a lot of time at the kitchen sink, so it makes sense to spend money on fittings that get a lot of use and the tap is definitely one of those things. Our diverse selection offers you both single and two tap-hole options to suit your sink design; along with a wide variety of finishes to match the decor of your kitchen. Whether you’re after a pull out spray tap, a long-spouted mixer or something entirely different, Plumbworld has a comprehensive range of high quality affordable taps to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

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Things To Consider When Buying & Designing Your Kitchen:

No matter what style you’re after in your kitchen, Plumbworld will be able to help, even when it comes down to the simple things such as taps. The comprehensive range that Plumbworld currently offers will make sure that there's something to suit your individual style as well as the design of your kitchen. Whether you want a pair of taps or a single mixer tap, we’ve got you covered. However, it is advisable to read through the following first and see what taps will be the most suitable for your requirements:

Single vs. Twin Handles

This is once again simply a personal preference; whilst some people prefer two handle operation to mix hot and cold separately, many prefer the simplistic approach of a single lever for operation. The minimalist approach of a single lever lends itself well to kitchens that are slightly more modern and it’s also one less moving part in comparison to twin handles which require twice as much. Obviously, it’s a design preference unless you find one easier to use then the other, then you should opt for simplicity due to the amount of time spent at the kitchen sink.

Modern vs. Traditional

The design differences between a traditionally styled tap and a contemporary design are easily recognisable, but this choice comes down to personal preference and may be influenced by the current design of your kitchen. Trying to match a contemporary straight lined kitchen design with a traditional tap in most instances won’t work well due to the contrast in styles; so it’s best to stick to the same theme throughout for consistency. Traditional taps usually feature handles and levels with a much older design, whereas modern taps go for a more minimalist approach. Therefore, if you aren’t a fan of unneeded bulk to fittings, modern is definitely the way to go. However, if you like fine detailing and an uncommon look, traditional will be right up your street.

Designer Range

Plumbworld’s designer range of kitchen taps offers an alternative to the mainstream common fittings for those kitchens that require something an extra bit special. Designer taps whilst of the same high quality as others in the range are designed to be quirky and different in order to focus attention on that piece. The designer range features many offerings from renowned brands Franke and Grohe so you know you’re getting the best possible service and quality by buying a recognised brand.

What Features Do You Want?

A lot of taps are simply made from a fixed spout and handles to control water flow and temperature; however advancements have led to different features being implemented to make washing easier. The pull out tap is one of the most popular features due to its flexibility and ease of use. Also known as retractable taps, these allow the user more control over the tap and once done it simply reverts back to its standard fixed position. This is certainly a bonus for those who don’t have a dishwasher and need to wash as much off plates and cutlery as possible before soaking them.


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