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Shower Bath Suites

Combine the Best of Both Worlds in One Handy Package

Bath or shower? It’s the age old question! We don’t all have the luxury of space to have both a bath and a shower enclosure in our bathroom, but with a shower bath you don’t have to miss out on either. One day you can jumping in the shower for a quick wash before work, and the next you can be relaxing those aching muscles in a long soak in the bath. Our Shower Bath Packages contain baths that are specially designed with a little extra space for enjoying an over-the-bath shower too. We also complete your suite with a basin and toilet too, all at one simple price.

We recommend

Essentials "L" Bathroom Suite

Was £399.97

Saving £150



Confused by L-Shaped, P-Shaped, Right Handed and Left Handed?

There is quite a lot of Bathroom Industry jargon surrounding Shower Baths which can be confusing. Shower Baths come in 2 shapes - the L Shaped and the P Shaped - the difference is best understood when the baths are viewed from above. The L Shaped Bath has straight corners and looks a bit like a letter 'L', whereas the P Shaped Bath has flowing curves, and is more rounded looking like a letter 'P'. The Right and Left handed distinction is also confusing particularly as not all retailers or manufacturers adopt the same convention. At Plumbworld when we refer to a Shower Bath as Right Handed we mean the larger showering end of the bath is on the right hand side when viewed from the front. Conversely Left Handed baths have the larger area on the left hand side. The product images should make the difference clear.


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