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Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture - A Stunning Selection

Bathroom furniture can make or break a bathroom design. At Plumbworld we realise just how important the furniture is in the goal of making the most of your bathroom. Space and storage are often at a premium, but by using cleverly designed pieces such as bathroom cabinets, cupboards and drawers, you can easily create more space where there was previously none. With a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours on offer, Plumbworld can guarantee there’s something for every bathroom in the range. Whether you’re looking for small & efficient bathroom storage solutions to keep your essentials or a mirror to ensure you’re looking your best before you head out – we’ve got you covered.

Bathroom Furniture - A Simple Spruce Up Or A Complete Redesign

Whether you’re going for a complete bathroom redesign or simply expanding upon what you already have, bathroom furniture can make a huge difference. If you’re on a budget to spruce up your current bathroom then looking at investing in a cabinet, bathroom mirror or entire unit is certainly a good idea. Not only is our range of furniture extremely cost efficient, but it’s also stylish and suited to most bathroom designs. On the other hand, if you have the luxury of redesigning from scratch, you can actually style your bathroom around the furniture you want rather than trying to fit it in where space allows. This gives you far more control over the look and final outcome of the bathroom which in many cases can benefit greatly over restrictive bathroom layouts.

Don't Compromise On Bathroom Furniture Quality

Bathroom furniture is a key component in any bathroom and for that reason alone quality should be a priority above everything else. All furniture on sale on the website has been vetted to ensure suitability for bathroom environments with a strong focus on moisture resistance and solid fittings. This ensures that not only will the furniture from Plumbworld feel and look well built, but it will stand the test of time and look as good as it did they day you bought it.


Fashionable FeaturesWhen looking for bathroom furniture

you want to ensure it fits and functions as you’d expect. Don’t want doors to slam shut? Many of the drawers and doors in the Plumbworld range feature soft-close fittings to minimise noise, unwanted damage and simultaneously add a touch of style and elegance to your bathroom. Many other innovative features also appear in our stunning range of bathroom cabinets such as adjustable shelves, mirror tabs and much, much more to ensure your bathroom benefits from the latest and greatest options.


Versatile In Looks & Arrangement

Not only is our range of furniture manufactured to an exceptional quality, but it’s also extremely versatile; making it suitable for a whole range of bathrooms. If you’re struggling for room on the floor, you can always opt for wall-hung options of cabinets and units to maximise space at a higher level. Obviously if your bathroom benefits from a lot of floor space, then you luckily have the option to take full advantage of both floor standing and wall hung ranges. You could even combine both in order to create more accessible bathroom storage for you and the family - giving you the best of both worlds. We simply provide the units, the rest is up to you!



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