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Warmup Underfloor Heating

Warmup Underfloor Heating - Feel the Heat Beneath your Feet for that Added Luxury

Warmup is a research and development led, making proprietary, patented, market leading solutions to the challenges of underfloor heating. Warmup has a reputation for both high quality products and cutting edge technological innovation. They constantly update and refine their range of products to deliver the best results year after year. Warmup is the only underfloor heating company to have a product portfolio that CE marked, European standards compliant, and independently accredited by more testing institutions than anyone else in the industry, giving you total security and peace of mind.

Warmup Under Floor Heating Controls - Beautiful, State of The Art Technology


The 3iE Warmup energy monitor is the world’s best-selling under-floor heating thermostat. It is the first thermostat with Active Energy Management, which can save as much as ten percent of home energy costs. The patented design was created by warmup’s internal engineering team based in London.



Warmup Underfloor Heating – The World’ Thinnest Electric Underfloor Heating Solution


Warmup offer the thinnest, BEAB approved, heating wire on the market. The ultra-thin wire exceeds the toughest safety standards, (including BEAB Approval), which means that you can count on it to perform, year after year. Manufactured from hard wearing dual-fluoropolymer coated heating wire, it actually measures an astonishing sub 1.8mm thickness, which means it won’t raise floor levels like some inferior brands. It is easy to fit, deploying innovative fitting technology from a loose wire system affixed with tape to pre-spaced wiring mats. These systems ensure that installation is quick, and hassle free. 


Warmup is a UK based manufacturing business (a plc), certified ISO 9001:2008 which specialises in designing and making underfloor heating solutions. With sales in over sixty countries exceeding 2.1 Million units. They have licenced trading partners across the globe and their own subsidiary companies in 11 key countries. 



Banish the cold bathroom floor with a range of underfloor heating solutions that are perfect for beating the chill. With systems suitable for all floor types, you’ll easily find a range to suit your needs and keep your spirits up during the long British winters. Easy to install heating mats and controlling thermostats allow you to choose whatever temperature suits your needs and to fit around your busy lifestyle. Set the timer to come on in the morning and you’ll never have to have cold feet in the bathroom again, and at an affordable price it doesn’t have to cost the earth either.




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