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Quality From The Start

The mission statement of Mira explains how their aim is to be the first choice for both installers and consumers by offering quality showers which represent terrific value for money. This is exactly what they’ve done and they’ve done it well. Everyone in the plumbing industry is well aware of the prestigious Mira build quality that is associated with their products. Throughout the entire range, quality is a prime focus and this is just one of these factors that set Mira apart from the rest. This quality is what installers love, they know they’re buying the best and they know their customers will be happy. Everyone always says that you “get what you pay for” and Mira really deliver.

Green Intentions

At heart, Mira are all about providing a luxury showering experience, but that doesn’t mean their core values aren’t reflective of the environment. In fact, the company has a huge green initiative which stems from their offices and warehouse all the way to the products they design and manufacture. With such a large grasp on the showering industry, Mira are in a privileged position which enables them to help others cut down their carbon footprint through water and energy usage. With innovative technology continually coming out that uses less power and water, Mira are really invested in their green initiative. Their eco-showerhead deserves honourable mention as it can use up to 75% less water whilst still delivering the same drenching flow of water. This offers potentially huge savings on your bills and a step in the right direction for the environment; all of this without impacting your showering experience – only Mira.

Flagship Models

All of Mira’s showers are worthy of recognition for being innovative, but their flagship models really are a step above everyone. The Mira Sport is one of the single most popular showers in the UK and when you stop to look at the features, specification and the price, it’s easy to see why! A stunning design and accessible feature set make this shower perfect for people of all ages. Couple this with a low RRP and a comprehensive warranty and there’s no reason this shower won’t fly off the shelves all day long. Mira truly differentiate themselves with flagship models like this; providing such quality and value for money allows everyone to get their hands on this fantastic piece of bathroom kit.



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