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Shower Trays

Shower Trays For Your Enclosure

Shower trays provide a base for your showering experience, but it doesn’t just end there. Trays are designed with sleek, straight edged lines to provide maximum compatibility with your current bathroom styling. With the majority of trays being acrylic capped resin, cleaning is made easy and installation is simplistic thanks to a lightweight body; all without sacrificing on quality. Low profile, resilient shower trays from Mira, Coram and Hydrolux ensure performance and a water tight seal without compromising aesthetics. This is truly a combination of design and quality whilst remaining affordable thanks to Plumbworld’s competitive price updates.

Shower Trays - Key Things To Consider:

A shower tray is first and foremost about compatibility; therefore it’s important to make sure it fits in the space or the enclosure you have. Next up is ensuring a water tight seal and some shower trays come with upstands to make this even easier; it may be best to consult a professional installer to make sure you get the right tray. After this has been addressed you can consider styles such as different colours or various heights – which will suit the design of your bathroom best?

Shape: Shower trays come in a variety of shapes to suit shower enclosures. Different shapes include square, rectangular, quadrant, offset-quadrants, pentagon and d-shaped trays. It goes without saying that you obviously need to buy a shower tray based on your type of shower enclosure. For example if you’re fitting a shower in an alcove you’ll either need a square tray or a rectangular one dependent upon the dimensions. Just make sure you don’t buy an offset quadrant enclosure and a regular quadrant tray as they will not fit. We try to avoid issues like this at Plumbworld by selling tray and shower enclosures in one single package to ensure compatibility and high quality are paired together.

Height: Shower trays come in varying heights to suit different bathroom designs and enclosures. If your bathroom has been styled with a minimalist design in mind, then a low profile slim line shower tray will lend itself very well to the room. Low profile trays are ideal for flush fitting rooms as they are very shallow and only extend from the ground by about four or five centimetres. Some shower trays have a height between 10-20cm as this used to be the regular size before low profile became the preference. If your waste is situated in an awkward place that makes under-floor plumbing near impossible, you may want a high shower tray in order for pipework to flow underneath. In instances like this it may be wise to opt for a shower tray with a riser kit. Riser kits provide the option of lifting the tray higher off the floor and leaving a gap underneath for the waste piping; many trays come with riser kits as an option and a lot of these are adjustable in height. When buying a riser kit you will also need panels installed to hide the ugly pipework underneath (most kits come with these included, but check to be sure).

Features: Quality shower trays from Plumbworld will always keep their colour unlike inferior alternatives that gradually stain over time and change shade. When your bathroom relies upon matching colours to ensure a uniform style, colour that stays true is considerably important. The majority of trays nowadays are scratch, chip and impact resistant to ensure that soap or shampoo drops in the shower will not damage the tray. Make sure the tray has these features or you may end up with a deformed shower floor after a few months of daily use, unless you’re extremely careful. If you plan to fit the tray by yourself you may want to opt for a lightweight tray to avoid any problems during installation. Obviously if you have a professional fitter doing the installation this shouldn’t make much of a difference, but it’s worth bearing in mind.


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