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Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets - Beautiful & Functional

Bathroom cabinets are an essential piece of storage furniture in the bathroom. Everyone knows how tight space can be in the bathroom and due to this you're forever trying to make more of it to store your essentials. We know how hard it is to make space for additional storage and that’s why we’ve tailored our range to suit you. Our premium, top quality range of storage solutions will give your bathroom much needed extra space whilst still maintaining a clean, uncluttered appearance. You can achieve the style and spaciousness of an expensive designer bathroom at a fraction of the cost thanks to our competitive pricing strategy. Release your bathroom’s true potential with our stunning selection.

Bathroom Cabinets - Space Saving

Bathroom cabinets are all about the effective use of space. We know space is often at a premium, especially in bathrooms, and that’s why our range focuses strongly on maximising storage whilst minimising the spatial footprint. Our range of slim-line models is ideal for providing the storage space you need without intruding too much into the room. This will give you the minimalistic look you’re after whilst still offering more than adequate storage for all your essentials. Not only do space saving cabinets provide a functional storage solution, but they also offer a touch of style unlike many other cabinets that will actually detract from the overall look of the room.


Options That Won't Break the Budget

Most retailers out there want an arm and a leg for furniture that won’t even last the year. Thanks to our parent company Grafton Group PLC, we can provide the highest quality bathroom cabinets and other storage components for a fraction of the regular retail price. This ensures that the budget you’ve set yourself can be fully utilised without wasting an extortionate amount of money on sub-par items that will likely not meet your standards or requirements.


Mirror Cabinets, Gloss and Wood Finishes to Cover Every Style

When you’re buying things for the bathroom, styling is a huge factor. You want it to blend in with the rest of your fittings rather than stand out like a sore thumb. With this in mind, our range is varied in style, thus enabling us to cater to your requirements, no matter how niche they are. Our collection incorporates cabinets with a single door all the way to three; in white, black, wood and stainless steel finishes to compliment the theme of your room. Door handles, overhead lighting and illuminated cabinets are all available in our huge selection; so take your time and pick the perfect bathroom cabinet for you.


Things to Consider

What type of door do you need? A soft close door is a nice option and gives a luxury feel to any cabinet, but if you are on a tight budget then this may be something to drop from the wish list. Soft close hinges are more expensive and this is reflected in the price of the product

How much storage do you need? Its important to look at the number of shelves and if they are adjustable. A huge storage space is pretty worthless unless the internal layout of the shelves allows you to make use of it. This can be an area where some suppliers cut costs, make sure you don't get caught out.

Do you need lights and/or a shaver socket? These are clearly useful but again can be an expensive waste of money if you are not actually going to use them.However, most people find that they get used more than they thought and turn into a must have essential feature.


A Wide Range Of Bathroom Furniture

Don’t think you’re just limited to bathroom cabinets when it comes to storage. At Plumbworld we’ve got a comprehensive range of high quality storage solutions to suit any bathroom; contemporary, traditional, small or large. It’s just a matter of taste. That’s why we’ve ensured a variety of storage styles to suit everyone; whether you want wall-hung, floorstanding or fitted furniture. There’s something for everyone in our collection and all at an affordable price.


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