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Bath Panels

Bath Panels

Bath Panels - Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bath Panels, particularly the decorative styles make upgrading the look of your bathroom so easy. One simple addition can make the world of difference and that’s why the bath panel has exploded in popularity over the last year or two. With hundreds of designs and finishes to choose from, including wood, mirrors and even panels with hidden storage; there’s no doubt there’s something for everyone. Plumbworld has realised the need is at an all time high and they’ve kept their prices low without sacrificing on build quality to ensure everyone can take advantage. The addition of a quality panel can provide the finishing touch your bathroom needs to be complete.

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Ceramica Tongue & Groove Bath Side Panel White 1700mm

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Bath Panels - Things To Consider When Buying:

Bath panels are one of the easiest and most effective upgrades you can make in the bathroom, there are things that you need to consider. First off is sealing to avoid water ingress. Although a lot of panels are sealed at the factory, if you’re cutting them down to size you’ll certainly need to reseal the edges before installing. It’s also good practice and recommended on a lot of panels to do this anyway in order to maintain warranty. The following things are also factors that need to be considered before purchasing.

Dimensions & Sizes: They can come in a variety of sizes, but by far the most common is the 1700mm panel. This caters to over 90% of baths out there and most can be cut down in order to fit smaller sized baths without damaging the finish or veneer. A plinth is supplied with a lot of bath panels in order to adjust the height of the main panel to ensure maximum compatibility with your bath. Matching end panels are sold separately for those that have the end of their bath on show, whereas a front panel alone will suffice for those who have their bath in an alcove. Again, check dimensions carefully to ensure your bath is compatible with the panel – consult a fitter if you’re unsure.

Type Of Bath: The majority of bath panels are designed for straight single or double ended baths and that’s where the most diverse designs lie. If you’re looking for a replacement panel for your brand new 1700mm bath you will have no problem finding one as the choice is truly extensive. However, if you’ve recently purchased a P-shaped or L-shaped shower bath, you sadly won’t have the same variety to choose from. Because they are less common, designs are considerably more limited, but that doesn’t mean upgrading the look and feel of the room is impossible, far from it. It should also be noted that if your bath has whirlpool jets, many panels will not be compatible due to the whirlpool feature. That said, there are a lot of dedicated whirlpool bath panels out there that will be suitable. 

Features & Designs: At Plumbworld we separate bath panels into three distinct categories to make browsing for your perfect upgrade even easier. Standard, decorative and storage panels. All three offer completely different features and are suitable for various bathroom requirements. The standard bath panels provide a clean look and are most commonly found in plain white or a wooden finish. Decorative bath panels are exactly what they claim to be and they offer far more design options over a standard panel. These are ideal for people who are looking to draw a bit more attention and focus to the bath without going over the top. This category includes panels with intricate designs, mirrors, frosted panels, strips and combinations of each – without doubt the most popular option. Some also offer a storage area behind the main panel by providing easy access through the use of a sliding or removable single panel. Ideal for bathrooms where storage space is an issue as toiletries or cleaning equipment can be kept here. Some are lockable to ensure children can’t get into the area.





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