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Freestanding Baths

Freestanding Baths

Freestanding & Roll-Top Baths

If you’re after a bit more style, elegance and perhaps a hint of designer flair in your bathroom, there’s a simple solution – a freestanding bath. These high quality pieces of bathroom kit will achieve all of the above whilst remaining both functional and affordable. It goes without saying that a freestanding bath will capture all the attention and stares in your bathroom; so if a stunning centre piece is what you want, look no further. Plumbworld has one of the widest ranges of luxury freestanding and roll-top baths on the market. With deep styling, you can be assured of a memorable bathing experience whilst adding an elegant touch to your bathroom.

Contemporary Vs. Traditional

Providing a wide range of both freestanding, slipper and roll top baths enables us to cater to both those with contemporary styled bathrooms and those with more of a traditional feel. Obviously to keep with the overall look of your bathroom it’s wise to match styles with your current bathroom theme. However, thanks to innovative styling, many of our freestanding baths will be suitable for both bathroom styles; meaning you can pick your favourite looking bath without worries of it clashing with the theme of your bathroom! This is just another way in which Plumbworld are trying to make it as easy as possible to build the bathroom of your dreams.

Double Skinned Quality

Also known as a twin skin, this refers to the inner and outer lining (skin) on the bath itself. Double skinned baths are renowned for exceptional build quality as both skins are reinforced; this provides a hard wearing lining which also helps keep in heat. Inferior baths only have a single skin which will not retain heat as long; this means that you and your bath water will become colder much quicker and you’ll end up refilling on the hot water. The double skin used on all freestanding baths at Plumbworld ensures high levels of heat retention, resulting in water staying hotter for longer. This is much more convenient and less hassle when all you want is a luxurious soak, and better yet, it even helps save money on the bills.

Unrivalled Styling

As we already mentioned, the styling, elegance and sheer eye-catching looks of a freestanding bath set it apart from your average bathroom fitting. To complement your freestanding or roll top bath you could add a freestanding mixer tap which would add another stunning visual element to the mix. Usually you’d expect high-end stylish fittings like this to come in at thousands; but thanks to our competitive pricing strategy and handpicking process we ensure low prices and high quality, meaning you don’t have to compromise!

A Stunning Selection

The range of freestanding baths at Plumbworld has been extended considerably to cater for the constant rise in popularity these types of baths are having. Whilst barely 1% of bathrooms would have a freestanding bath a few years ago, this is completely changing as the market is shifting towards something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Plumbworld have embraced this by improving their range to offer you, the customer, the widest selection of freestanding baths possible. With both contemporary and traditional styles to pick from, you’re also spoiled for choice thanks to a variety of sizes which should meet all bathroom space requirements.


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