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Saniflo Macerators

Saniflo Macerators have been produced for over 50 years !

Saniflo Macerators are manufactured by the SFA Group whose mission has remained to make it easy for homeowners to add additional bathroom and kitchen facilities to their homes without major construction work. They literally invented the macerating system and Saniflo remains the market leader in domestic and commercial macerators.  Synonymous with quality and technical expertise, their products comply with the strictest technical requirements and approvals. Every product is fabricated to the highest standards in France and thoroughly tested. Saniflo have years of experience and are always refining and enhancing their designs.


Saniflo Macerators – Why Would You Need One ?

Traditional plumbing systems utilize gravity to power the flow of waste to advantageously sited pipework and sewers. Yet, sometimes gravity simply isn't on your side. For example where pipework is awkwardly situated, maybe when working in a roofspace loft conversion or in an underground cellar. In these cases a macerator is the answer.

We offer an enormous selection of macerator pumps, lifting stations and combined sanitaryware units, all of which are manufactured to work with small bore pipework that is simple to connect and run to the closest soil outlet. You'll see they're low noise and inconspicuous in operation and with numerous slim line models; simple to hide away.


Saniflo Macerators – How Do They Work

Installing a toilet in a basement cellar causes problems because of the difficulty in pumping solids up to the soil drain. Whist it Is relatively easy to pump water through a height of a metre or two, pumping solid human waste is much more of a challenge.


Instead of moving waste along a drain in the floor like a traditional wc, the water travels along to the self contained macerator pump in a box located between the wall and the toilet outlet pipe. Often the pump can be completely hidden behind the wall. The macerator pump then uses a high speed revolving blade to chop & slice the waste and toilet paper converting it into a fine near liquid slurry that is then expelled under pressure through small (22mm) pipework  into the sewer or septic tank.



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