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Electric Showers

Electric Showers Are For Everyone


Electric showers are one of the most versatile types of shower that can be installed in your bathroom. Thanks to their inbuilt heating element, they’re the only shower that doesn’t require a hot water feed and can simply run off the cold water supply and electric. Due to this unique feature, they can be used in any household plumbing system and better yet, they won’t rely on the boiler to heat the water. With a wide range of electric showers in stock from the biggest brands in the world; Mira, Triton & Aqualisa, Plumbworld will certainly have the perfect shower for you at a fantastic price to boot.

Electric Showers - Things To Watch Out For!

Ensure Adequate Cabling for your electric shower

As electric showers can range from 7.5kW all the way to 10.8kW, they all have differing demands on the power supply. In general, all showers that have a power rating greater than 9kW will require cabling to be upgraded from the regular 6mm to 10mm. However, if the shower you buy is 9kW or below, the standard 6mm cables connecting your shower to your electric supply will be suitable. It is advised that a professional electrician is consulted prior to the installation of the shower to ensure all criteria and safety checks are met.

Compatible With Any System

The joys of needing just a cold water feed makes the electric shower the single most compatible type of shower on the market. Due to its self reliance, you can fit it in virtually any type of home; both new builds and even older properties that don’t have a suitable plumbing system for other types of shower. As the technology in-built into the showers continues to advance, the popularity of the electric shower has also continued to grow and now makes up close to 50% of all new shower sales in the UK alone.

Money Saving

As mentioned previously, electric showers don’t require a hot water feed since the cold water is heated inside the unit itself. This has the added benefit of not needing to pre-heat the water before use; meaning that you can shower at any time of the day without worrying if you have enough hot water stored up. As well as this, you also save money since your shower will only heat the amount of water it needs to operate; thus making it very economical in comparison to heating an entire tank full of water for a 5-minute shower.

Say Goodbye To Cold Showers

One of the problems with having a big family is the queue for a shower in the morning. With a regular mixer shower, the person who goes in last will likely have very little hot water left, resulting in a pretty disappointing shower experience. However, as an electric shower heats on demand, this will never be a problem even in the biggest families.

Boiler Breakdown? No Problem

Thanks to the electric shower’s self reliance, even if your boiler is malfunctioning or breaks down entirely, you’ll still be able to shower and get ready for the day ahead without any worries. Since the shower only requires a mains cold water connection and an electricity supply, the boiler is taken out of the equation entirely. The last thing you want is to be stuck without a hot shower on a freezing cold winter morning after your boiler packs up!

Electric Showers Explained Further...

Because the electric shower heats up water from cold when it is needed the maximum flow from the shower is limited by how powerful the heating element is. This is measured by the electric showers “power rating” in KW. The cheapest electric showers have power ratings as low as 7kw, while the most expensive ones will have power ratings as high as 10.8kw. The higher the kilowatt rating of the shower the stronger the water flow and the more powerful the shower that you can expect.

However, even the most powerful electric showers will not match the flow rate of a mixer shower or power shower, so if you like a shower that “takes the skin off your back” then even 10.8kw electric showers will probably be disappointing.

If you want to upgrade an existing electric shower to a more powerful one with a rating above 9kw then it is important to get your electrician to check the electric cabling size in your home. Most home circuits are wired with 6mm cable, which is fine for most showers up to 9kw, but for higher power electric showers you may need to upgrade to 10mm cable. This video explains more about the electrical system requirements for more powerful electric showers.

Another thing to consider with electric showers is that the strength of the shower can be considerably less in the winter months! The reason is that the incoming water supply is much colder and the shower has to work much harder to heat up the water to a suitable temperature. As a result the shower can’t sustain such a high flow rate. This video from Mira explains how seasonal changes impact shower performance:

Pros of electric showers:

  • You don’t pay to heat water that you don’t need or use
  • Can be installed in virtually any home
  • Will still give you a shower if your boiler breaks!
  • Cheaper to buy than other types


Cons of electric showers:

  • Generally a weaker flow than other types of shower
  • Limescale build-up can be a problem
  • More powerful models may require re-wiring from the distribution board to the shower

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