Bathroom Accessory Sets

Bathroom Accessory Sets - Save with our Pre-Made Packs

Bathroom Accessory Sets in a stunning variety if styles. Our extensive range of packs offer more than just style; in fact, they offer up to 50% savings compared to buying individual fittings. On top of this, you’re guaranteed to have a set of matching accessories that complement one another – unlike other retailers who limit what you can buy. But not to worry, Plumbworld has an astounding amount of choice to suit every style of bathroom. A wide range of contemporary and traditional designs ensure that you’ll be able to match your current bathroom style to at least one of our packs. Thanks to sourcing a comprehensive collection of accessories, everyone will be able to find their perfect pack, regardless of budget.

  • Aqualux Kosmos 3 Piece Accessory Pack



  • Architeckt Smooz Bathroom Accessory Pack
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Bathroom Accessory Sets - Providing The Best Value For Money

When choosing a bathroom accessory set take the time to examine the contents of each pack in detail. Not all sets contain the same items, so if you absolutely must have a matching tooth-brush holder then make sure its included! Almost all sets will contain a toilet roll holder and a towel ring, but beyond that it varies quite a lot. Some packs will contain robe hooks, whereas others may prefer a glass tumbler or shelf to make up the set.



Most of our sets here at plumbworld come from our main wall-mounted bathroom accessory ranges, so you can always add additional items to your selection if they are not included in a value pack. Howevcer, It is worth buying as much as possible in the packs as this will give you the best value for money.



When selecting a style try to pick something similar to the brassware in the bathroom. (The taps and any showers) it is good to stick to a common colour scheme and a similar style (i.e. Contemporary vs traditional) but don't get hung up on trying to match things exactly. It is very easy to get obsessive about the details during a project and lose sight of the fact that nobody other than you will examine your accessories to see if they match your taps!




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