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Bathroom Accessories Are The New Essentials

Bathroom accessories are an essential part of everyday living. A bathroom which has none at will look barren and lonely. To create a luxury, fully functioning bathroom, you need to have these innovative accessories – there is no two ways about it. Whether your bathroom is styled with a contemporary flare or well and truly designed with a traditional era in mind, Plumbworld has a variety of ranges that cater to both ends of the styling spectrum. Whilst the prices can reach into the hundreds, we’ve worked hard on keeping prices down to ensure that you can finish off your bathroom even on a tight budget.

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Bathroom Accessories - Things To Consider:

So you've got a brand new bathroom suite in your bathroom. It looks amazing, right? But what have you forgotten? What is your toilet paper hanging on? Where are your toothbrushes sitting? If you're asking yourself these questions, you may have forgotten to pick up some bathroom accessories. This guide will give you a run-down of what’s available and what you may need.


Determine What You Need

As noted, it’s often easy to forget the little things when you're looking at the bigger picture of finding a decent bathroom suite. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a complete look at your bathroom before you begin the research and buying process and go over every nook and cranny of what you need in there. For example, you know you need a toilet but don't forget a toilet roll holder and a toilet brush holder too.

When you just want to make small updates to your bathroom, or you’ve moved into a new home where certain things are missing, then you can jump straight into the research process. Below we’re going to highlight all the different bathroom accessories you can buy at Plumbworld and where they fit into your overall bathroom picture.

Consider the quality of the bathroom accessories too. You could go down to your local DIY store and buy bathroom accessories for low prices, but they may not stick around for long. Of course, it’s not possible to physically check the quality of a product when you buy it online, but reading reviews first can give you a good idea. It’s not always the case that paying more means it will last longer, but at Plumbworld you can be sure that all our products are of high quality and thoroughly tested – no matter the price!

Where possible it may be a better idea to buy your bathroom accessories in packs. This is not only because you can be sure they will match, but it will also generally offer you better value for money than buying each item individually.


Toilet Seats

We'll begin with the toilet. If you're buying a toilet, then it’s highly likely that a toilet seat will already be included with your purchase. However, you may want something different, something on a more luxurious and higher comfort level. It could also be the case that your current toilet seat is broken, and it’s pointless replacing the entire toilet when the seat is only a small portion of the overall cost.

Toilet seats made from wood, such as a pine toilet seat, are a unique selection. Regarding structure, a heavyweight toilet seat will offer more support. Soft close toilet seats are also a popular selection, which allow you to let the toilet seat fall without slamming against the toilet itself.


Wall Mounted Bathroom Accessories

A broad range of accessories come under this one, and there's an option to buy them in packs and ranges if you're starting afresh. If you just need one item, buying them individually is fine, but it's not the best idea to pick and choose accessories from different ranges as you’ll come to find that they may not match and it may cost you more.

Beginning with humble toilet roll holders, you can immediately see that there are a wide range of styles available. You should be able to find one that matches your bathroom décor. The same goes for the majority of other wall mounted bathroom accessories; you need to be sure that they will match your bathroom suite.

Alongside toilet roll holders, other priorities are shower caddies for in-shower storage. Soap dishes, tumblers, and toothbrush holders all look incredibly stylish when mounted to the wall instead of simply resting on your sink. You may also want to get a towel ring or towel rail so your towels aren't just hanging limply off a radiator unless it’s a stylish heated towel rail


Bathroom Lighting

You can have the best-looking bathroom in the world, but if you don't get the lighting right then, a spectacular looking bathroom can immediately become a dingy affair. Thankfully there are plenty of options to choose from, whether your preference is for ceiling or wall mounted lights.  If spotlights are your thing, then those are available, but you can also go for flush fitting lights too. Wall-mounted lights are a rare choice but scream style and cast light in different ways.

For safety (and legal) reasons, you should get all bathroom lighting installed by a qualified electrician.


Bathroom Mirrors

Everyone needs a bathroom mirror if only to stare at in the morning and wonder why you're not still in bed! In all seriousness, a bathroom mirror can make a big difference to your bathroom. Small bathrooms benefit the most, as a mirror can instantly make it look significantly bigger.

As with everything in the bathroom accessory world, there are a multitude of styles available. Shapes include regular rectangular versions, rounded, and arched designs. For a more spectacular effect, and some extra lighting, illuminated bathroom mirrors, backlit mirrors and LED bathroom mirrors all add an extra dimension to your bathrooms style.

If you want to stop your mirror steaming up you can also buy demister mirrors, or convert a standard mirror with a demista pad.

Finally, there is a whole range of shaving and cosmetic mirrors that are attached to extendable arms so that it’s an easier job to deal with those hard to see places.


Assistive Accessories

If you have mobility issues, then a little extra support in the bathroom is crucial, especially as it's already a slippery environment. Grab rails improve safety with a sturdy hold where grip is reduced. Combined with shower seats, assistive accessories can make getting into and out of the bath or shower safely that much simpler.


Other Accessories

Remember that when you buy a bath you're going to need a bath panel. There are a range of styles and sizes available, but before you purchase, make sure you know the exact size of your bath so your new panel fits perfectly.

Aside from bath panels we also offer a range of shower curtains. The great thing about shower curtains is that you can let your personality shine through! Although try not to go too overboard, because a brightly coloured, gaudy,shower curtain will clash with that neutral modern bathroom suite you’ve just installed.

Don't forget extractor fans. These are crucial if you don't have a window in your bathroom, but even if you do it’s worth thinking about installing one as they do a better job of tackling condensation and mould build-up than simply opening the window.


Bathroom Accessories - Styles

As we previously touched on, it’s important to make sure that the overall design and style of your bathroom is reflected in the little accessories as well. If you’re simply giving the bathroom a quick accessory makeover then you will know exactly what style you need in order to fit in with the rest of the room. However, in projects where you have a blank canvas, you may well choose a centre-piece such as a freestanding bath and focus the accessories around that. Again, it’s important to consider the styling and match classic to traditional and modern to contemporary accessories where possible. But that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to experiment and try various combinations with slightly different styles. Just avoid mixing straight lined futuristic looking items with contrasting classical designs – unless of course you’re a bathroom designer with a keen eye for innovation.


Individual Items vs.Combination Packs:

People are familiar with the option of bulk buying to attain discounts and it’s very similar to buying a pack rather than buying individual items. Buying individually can be beneficial if you want to mix and match certain items or don’t want additional fittings, but more often than not buying an accessory pack will offer a better value for money. The packs from Plumbworld are focused around different ranges all of which have their own unique styling. This in itself means that all of your accessories will complement each other whereas individual items may have different designs that clash. Another plus of buying in packs over individually is that build quality will be guaranteed throughout the pack, ensuring a high-quality set of items. Individual items from different retailers may have a varying build quality and dependent upon how picky you are; this could potentially be a downfall in your otherwise flawless bathroom.



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