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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Accessories Are The New Essentials

Bathroom accessories are an essential part of everyday living. A bathroom which has none at will look barren and lonely. To create a luxury, fully functioning bathroom, you need to have these innovative accessories – there is no two ways about it. Whether your bathroom is styled with a contemporary flare or well and truly designed with a traditional era in mind, Plumbworld has a variety of ranges that cater to both ends of the styling spectrum. Whilst the prices of bathroom accessories can reach into the hundreds, we’ve worked hard on keeping prices down to ensure that you can finish off your bathroom even on a tight budget.

Things To Consider When Buying Bathroom Accessories:

Buying accessories for the bathroom certainly isn’t an easy job. You have to make sure they tie in with the look and feel of the bathroom as well as making sure they match each other. On top of this, you need to ensure that they fulfil a functional role and add value to the bathroom or you’re just wasting precious space and money...


Primarily, accessories serve a purpose in the bathroom. Whether that’s in the form of a holder for the toilet brush, a shower curtain to prevent unwanted splashes or a bath mat to stop feet slipping; they all serve a purpose. Now whilst there are other factors such as price and style to take into consideration, you want to first and foremost ensure that your accessories will do the job they’re designed to do. We’ve taken all the necessary measures to ensure our range of bathroom accessories are all reliable, durable and, more importantly, affordable. Buy with confidence from Plumbworld as all accessories including robe hooks, soap dispensers and towel rails have gone through robust quality checks to ensure the products live up to their name and stand the test of time.


As we previously touched on, it’s important to make sure that the overall design and style of your bathroom is reflected in the little accessories as well. If you’re simply giving the bathroom a quick accessory makeover then you will know exactly what style you need in order to fit in with the rest of the room. However, in projects where you have a blank canvas, you may well choose a centre-piece such as a freestanding bath and focus the accessories around that. Again, it’s important to consider the styling and match classic to traditional and modern to contemporary accessories where possible. But that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to experiment and try various combinations with slightly different styles. Just avoid mixing straight lined futuristic looking items with contrasting classical designs – unless of course you’re a bathroom designer with a keen eye for innovation.

Individual Items vs. Accessory Packs:

People are familiar with the option of bulk buying to attain discounts and it’s very similar to buying a pack rather than buying individual bathroom accessories. Buying individually can be beneficial if you want to mix and match certain items or don’t want additional fittings, but more often than not buying an accessory pack will offer a better value for money. The bathroom accessory packages from Plumbworld are focused around different ranges all of which have their own unique styling. This in itself means that all of your accessories will complement each other whereas individual items may have different designs that clash. Another plus of buying in packs over individually is that build quality will be guaranteed throughout the pack, ensuring a high-quality set of items. Individual items from different retailers may have a varying build quality and dependent upon how picky you are; this could potentially be a downfall in your otherwise flawless bathroom.


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