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Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

Stuart Turner Shower Pumps - Improved Showering Performance Thanks to a Long History of Quality Engineering

Stuart Turner shower pumps are perfect for when you need an extra boost of power from your shower. Established in 1906, Stuart Turner has a long history of engineering excellence and isn’t afraid to innovate. Their products are recognised the world over for their brilliant design and consistent reliability. When it comes to creating a showering experience that you can’t wait to take advantage of time and time again, Stuart Turner pumps are the ideal choice. The stamp of quality and each and every pump means you can be sure that your money will go an extremely long way and you’ll be enjoying great showers for years to come.

Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

Stuart Turner Pumps - Engineering Excellence

Stuart Turner is one of the best known names in the world of shower pumps, and one of the longest established too. Stuart Turner founded the company which carries his name in Oxfordshire in 1906, and over the years the company has evolved from producing generators, marine engines and military engineering equipment to its current focus on centrifugal pumps, which has been the company’s main product for the last 50 years. With such a long history based around engineering innovation, quality and excellence in manufacture, the purchase of a Stuart Turner pump means buying a British designed and engineered product with all the heritage and expertise of the company right behind it. If anything, product innovation and development has increased in speed through the 21st century, and Stuart Turner is constantly improving their pumps and making them, even more, reliable and efficient.



Extensive Shower Pump Product Range

Some of the brands of shower pump you’ll probably recognise from the Stuart Turner company include Techflo, Monsoon and Showermate. All of these pumps are designed to bring a much more powerful showering experience to your bathroom or shower room at home, however low the pressure from the taps. The wide range of different pumps available ensures that the perfect product is out there, and with their reputation for excellence in design and superb reliability, a Stuart Turner pump is bound to give your entire family a more pleasurable shower for many years. Don’t put up with standing under a mere trickle of water for one minute longer than you have to.



Quality Assured - Stuart Turner Shower Pumps

Stuart Turner has built its reputation on quality over the last century, and has a long association with providing generators, engines and other products to the military in combat situations where reliability and quality is of utmost importance. Quality is at the heart of everything the company does, and they are constantly working to improve their quality assurance process. It goes without saying that all pumps conform to the appropriate British Standards, and the company’s ISO9001 accreditation means that the company has been recognised in its efforts to improve quality throughout the organisation. Stuart Turner also has an ethical trading policy, ensuring that the purchase of a pump from them not only guarantees an improvement in your shower, but that you’re dealing with a company which really cares about its suppliers, employees and customers, and which goes above and beyond its pursuit of quality.



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