Stuart Turner Showermate Eco Shower Pump 2.6 Bar Twin Positive Impeller  - 47344

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£222.00 (Inc. VAT)

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Single Impeller Shower Pump

Single Impeller Shower Pump is designed to help improve your hot or cold water supply to a tap or to pump mixed water from a shower mixer. This pump will help maximise the pressure of your water to make the flow of your tap of shower more powerful.

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Positive Head

A positive head shower pump is designed to be gravity fed, therefore it needs a 'head' of distance (at least a metre) between the pump and the bottom of the cold water cistern. The gravity feed 'kick-starts' the pump, pushing water straight through to your shower. 

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Stuart Turner Shower Mate The UK's Quietest Shower Pump


The UK’s Quietest Shower Pumps

Actual comparative tests under laboratory conditions confirm that Stuart Turner manufactures the quietest peripheral (regenerative) shower pump available.

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Stuart Turner Showermate Anti-vibration Hoses as Standard

Anti-vibration Hoses as Standard

Supplied complete with 15mm anti-vibration hoses.

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Stuart Turner Showermate EPDM PTFE Aluminium Oxide Seals

EPDM/PTFE/Aluminium Oxide Seals

PTFE and Aluminium Oxide seal materials provide the most reliable sealing solution available, reducing risk of pump leakage and resulting water damage to the home while the use of PTFE (Teflon) also reduces the chances of the seal sticking when a pump is not used for periods of time.

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Stuart Turner Showermate Continuously Rated Motor

Continuously Rated Motor

Continuously rated shower pumps effectively run until the user turns it off. This is particularly good in a family home where the shower needs to be used frequently throughout the morning or evening. A pump that isn’t continuously rated will turn itself off to allow the pump to cool, potentially causing issues with water pressure to the shower.

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Stuart Turner Showermate Dry Run Protection


Dry Run Protection

Dry run protection is really important for the wellbeing of your shower pump. Bearings and other internal parts may get seriously damaged if there is a blockage or a drop in pressure causing the pump to run dry.

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Stuart Turner Showermate Flow Switch Sensitivity


Flow Switch Sensitivity

An automatic flow switch is crucial to have the shower running when it needs to be. When flow exceeds 0.8 litres per minute the pump automatically starts, delivering that powerful flow that it’s there for.

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Flexible hoses included

This shower pump comes complete with four flexible hoses, which are used to link your shower pump to both incoming and outgoing water pipes. These flexible hoses are anti-vibration which means the hoses are less prone to vibration from the pump, helping to reduce noise and prevent damage to the pump itself.

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Stuart Turner Showermate CE Marked


CE Marked for safety

CE marking means that the product is assessed thoroughly before it is listed for sale on the market whether that be in a shop or online. It means that the product meets certain requirements, like health and safety, to allow it to be sold.

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WRAS Approved Stuart Turner Product

WRAS Approved for quality

If you’re buying any sort of water fitting or product then it’s important that its WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved. It’s the best way to work out if that particular product or part complies with the UK requirements for installation within the UK.

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Stuart Turner Showermate 3 Year Guarantee


3 Year Guarantee

Only Stuart Turner Offer a 3 year Guarantee on all their plastic shower pumps as standard, without the need to go through a time-consuming product registration process.

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UK Manufacturing Heritage
Over 110 years of engineering excellence.
Operates from the same site in Henley-on-Thames where the company started in 1906.
A contributory member of the BPMA (British Pump Manufacturers Association).
The UK’s market leading manufacturer of shower pumps for over 40 years.


Continually Evolving and Innovating
Continual investment in research and development ensures Stuart Turner remains at the forefront of design technology and innovation.
Developed the domestic shower pump market in the 1970’s.
Holders of numerous patents relating to shower pump technology including GB2494485 for Flomate and GB2349908 for mainsboost.
Four additional shower pump technology patent applications currently in progress.
Engineering Patents include everything from the Milking Machine to the 650cc water cooled, two stroke motor bike between 1912 and 1913!


Every pump is manufactured from only the highest quality components and raw materials.
Each individual pump is fully tested before leaving the factory.
All whole house, bathroom and shower pumps are WRAS approved and manufactured within ISO 9001:2008.
Guarantees that lead the industry - five years for Monsoon and Mainsboost.


Technical Drawings



Stuart Turner Showermate Eco Shower Pump 2.6 Bar Twin Positive Impeller  - 47344 Specifications
Construction Plastic
Feed Compatibility Twin - Hot AND Cold
Installation Positive Head
Output 2.6 Bar
Pump Type Regenerative

Stuart Turner Showermate Eco Shower Pump 2.6 Bar Twin Positive Impeller  - 47344

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£222.00 (Inc. VAT)

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7 Product Reviews

  • Reviews for this product

    5/ 5

    The pump was delivered less than 24 hours after ordering online and the price was very competitive. I would have no hesitation in dealing with Plumbworld again. The pump itself was straightforward to fit. It is not noticeably quieter than the old Salamander pump which it replaced, but the noise level is completely within acceptable limits. Satisfied customer.

  • 5/ 5

    I bought this to replace an older model of a Stuart Turner pump and it’s ideal. It’s quieter and was an easy swap. Delivered very quickly by Plumbworld and after calling to place the order by phone I was helped by a very friendly and helpful customer services person. They gave me real confidence that I had made the right choice of supplier. Many thanks!

  • 5/ 5
    A D

    Replaced a 1.5 bar showermate pump with this one for more oomf . Worked well and was a straight swop so no pipework changes required which is good as I am not a plumber. Plumworld price was good and they dispatched it quickly and emailed invoice . Would recommend the pump and service received and am very happy .

  • 5/ 5

    Bought as a replacement for a previous ST pump. Inexpensive and very easy to fit, works perfectly, and is so quiet, much better that the old one

  • 5/ 5
    Masoud Rajabi Ardeshiri

    The shower pump was easy to install, the supplied pipes were small so a bit of plumbing was needed. The pump works as it should.

  • 4/ 5
    Roy Travert

    I bought this to replace an old Stuart Turner pump that was leaking and the bearings were noisy. The old pump was a 3 bar and this one was 2.6 and I have found no difference in flow rate or pressure in my shower. The pump feeds my sink, toilet, and shower and works perfectly ok for my needs. It does have a slight noise with it but it is perfectly acceptable. It works fine and was easy to fit, I would add that it would probably be a good idea to buy the antivibration pad for it to sit on. One thing I will add is that the pipe connection is 15mm in the flexy pipe so make sure you are getting the right size when you order as you might need 22mm instead. Good pump that does the job.

  • 4/ 5
    Peter Gliddon

    Bought to replace an existing Stuart Turner pump. More powerful than the existing one but also slightly noisier. Easy to fit, comes with hoses but I used some of those already in place. Good price from Plumbworld and next day delivery. Excellent customer service.

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