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Shower Pumps To Boost Shower Performance
A shower booster pump can turn a dull morning wash into a memorable, invigorating shower experience that will completely blow you away. More stimulating power will result from a showers with connected shower pumps and not only will this help to freshen you up in the morning but it will also be the perfect way to relax after a stressful day at work. The only downside is that you’ll probably want to stay in the shower even longer than normal, so keep an eye on the clock to avoid wasting water. With the wide range of shower pumps available at Plumbworld, you get the best combination of quality and reliability on the market; all at an affordable price.

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  2. Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Shower Pump - 46410

    Best Seller!

    Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Shower Pump - 46410

  3. stuart-turner-monsoon-3.0-bar-twin-impeller-positive-head-shower-pump-46416

    Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Shower Pump - 46416

  4. stuart-turner-monsoon3.0-bar-single-impeller-universal-shower-pump-46413

    Stuart Turner Monsoon 3.0 Bar Single Impeller Universal Shower Pump- 46413

  5. stuart-turner-monsoon-single-impeller-positive-head-3.0-bar-shower-pump-46419

    Stuart Turner Monsoon Single Impeller Positive Head 3.0 Bar Shower Pump - 46419

  6. salamander-3.0-bar-twin-positive-head-centrifugal-shower-and-house-pump-rp100pt

    Salamander 3.0 Bar Twin Positive Head Centrifugal Shower and House Pump - RP100PT

  7. salamander-3.0-bar-twin-impeller-positive-head-shower-pump-ctforce30pt

    Salamander 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Shower Pump - CTFORCE30PT

  8. salamander-3.0-twin-impeller-universal-centrifugal-shower-pump-rp100tu

    Salamander 3.0 Twin Impeller Universal Centrifugal Shower Pump - RP100TU

    Was £499.00

    Save 22%


    In Stock
  9. salamander-ctforce30ps-shower-pump-30-bar-single-impeller-positive-head

    Salamander CTFORCE30PS Shower Pump 3.0 Bar Single Impeller Positive Head

  10. salamander-3.0-bar-twin-impeller-universal-head-shower-pump-ctforce30tu

    Salamander 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Universal Head Shower Pump - CTFORCE30TU

  11. salamander-ct-force-30-su-3.0-bar-single-impeller-shower-pump-ctforce30su

    Salamander CT Force 30 SU 3.0 Bar Single Impeller Shower Pump- CTFORCE30SU

  12. grundfos-amazon-single-impeller-positive-head-brass-pump-30-bar-ssp-30b

    Grundfos Amazon Single Impeller Positive Head Brass Pump 3.0 Bar - SSP-3.0B

  13. grundfos-amazon-twin-impeller-negative-head-shower-pump-3.0-bar-stn-3.0b

    Grundfos Amazon Twin Impeller Negative Head Shower Pump 3.0 Bar - STN-3.0 B

  14. grundfos-amazon-3.0-bar-twin-impeller-positive-head-shower-pump-stp-3.0b

    Grundfos Amazon 3.0 Bar Twin Impeller Positive Head Shower Pump - STP-3.0 B

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