Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves are capable of burning a variety of different materials other than wood, these materials include smokeless fuels (look for authorised fuels which are approved for use in smoke control areas), anthracite and turf/peat briquettes. The heat output of a multifuel stove is similar to a wood burning stove – highly efficient. We offer multi-fuel stoves in a range of different sizes, designs and even finishes so you’re bound to find the one for you.

  1. traditional-multi-fuel-stoves

    Traditional Multi Fuel Stoves

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  2. modern-multi-fuel-stoves

    Modern Multi Fuel Stoves

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  3. eco-or-defra-multi-fuel-stoves

    Eco or Defra Multi Fuel Stoves

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  4. freestanding-multi-fuel-stoves

    Freestanding Multi Fuel Stoves

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  5. inset-multi-fuel-stoves

    Inset Multi Fuel Stoves

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