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Honeywell Heating Controls - Giving you the Info to Enjoy Economical Heating

Honeywell Heating Controls will ensure you have full control over the heating in your home. Leading manufacturer Honeywell will give you a helping hand to keep you warm when its cold without any dramas. Their range of thermostats and programmers are packed with the latest technology, allowing you to take control of the heating so you know exactly what temperature your home is currently enjoying (or not!). The more you know about the kind of temperatures your heating is currently set at, the more money you can save by setting efficient timers and not having the heating higher than it needs to be.

  1. Honeywell Programmers & Timers

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    Honeywell Programmers & Timers
  2. Honeywell Evohome

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    Honeywell Evohome
  3. Honeywell Thermostats

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    Honeywell Thermostats
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Honeywell DT90E Wired Digital Room Thermostat

Well chuffed

The product does everything it is supposed to do..and more. Once I had figured out the instructions, which were extremely difficult to understand, the actual installation was easy. Unfortunately, as I already have a programmer for my central heating system, I do not use the additional features of this thermostat


Honeywell T6360B SPDT Room Thermostat

I'm Sure This Will Save Me Money.

I fitted the Room Stat. the day it arrived, (couldn't believe how quickly I got it after placing the order) and it's now switching my central heating off and on just as I hoped it would. Should save me £'s next winter.

Odin Terry

Honeywell CM907 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat

honeywell cm907 7 day programmer

all good - works well. Good delivery service from Plumbworld.

Doug Sturman