Straight Heated Towel Rail Valves

If the pipework to your heated towel rails is coming directly out of the floor (as opposed to out of the wall at right angles to the towel radiator) then these are the valves that you need. They directly connect the vertical pipe to the vertical towel rail inlet without any bends to restrict the water flow. They’re finished in a bright, polished chrome too to ensure a perfect match with your other bathroom accessories.

  1. DuraTherm Traditional Cross Head Straight Radiator Valve (Pair)

  2. DuraTherm Cubic Straight Valve (Pair)

  3. DuraTherm Straight Radiator Valve Anthracite (Pair)

  4. DuraTherm Standard Straight Anthracite Radiator Valves

  5. DuraTherm Avus Chrome Towel Rail Valves Straight (Pair)

  6. duratherm-straight-radiator-valve-pair

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    DuraTherm Straight Radiator Valve (Pair)