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Get a firm grasp on the various radiators and other heating elements around the home with a range of central heating controls. Walking to a cold home is frustrating after a long day at work, so our controls give you the ability to set timers, check room temperature and even have a minimum temperature set depending on the time of year. You’ll be in control 24/7, and the user-friendly technology in each one ensures that you stay in control too. You should be comfortable in your home at all times, whatever your busy lifestyle has you doing.

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Honeywell Lyric T6 Wired Smart Thermostat Y6H910WF1011

wow. how good can a thermostat be. this one.....excellent

After debating which smart thermostat to buy for both function and looks, I decided one this Honeywell lyric t6 wired unit. Turned up and thought Id need assistance to get it wired up and working. How wrong could I be. This was used to replace existing 3 wired room stat as most specify at least 4 wires requured this only needs 2 from boiler to thermostat. Installed and running within the hour. The grey / black look fits in perfect with our decor couldnt have been more perfect The lyric app works great too and if you forget to turn the heating off you can turn it off anywhere so long as you have internet signal. Not tried the unique geofencing part to it yet but will in the future. Now looking at upgrading to more smart home products after being left so impressed with this one.

Stu robinson

Honeywell CM907 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat

Very pleased!!

Bought this to replace an 25 year old Honeywell analog thermostat and am very pleased with the results. The CM 907 gives great versatility with 6 programmable periods per day. Have found that to be more than I need but its easy to disable periods if not needed and 4 periods has been the optimum so far. Very easy to swap the new unit for the old one. 2 wires and the whole thing done in 15 mins. Programming instructions were easy to follow but with hindsight I should have used the default settings for a week and then edited from that to what I need. Temperature control is so much more precise than before so far less overshoot in operation.


Honeywell DT90E Wired Digital Room Thermostat

Maintains a stable temperature, this is helped by the cycling that can be setup in installation mode. For my old cast iron gas boiler I use the oil boiler cycle settings. Above the set temp the thermostat is fully off so no worries there. Likewise below the set temp the thermostat is fully on. Much better than my previous digital thermostat and the relay click some people complain about isn't that load. Anyway copper pipes make clicks as they expaned with heat. I set the ECO mode to 16 which has a countdown timer that I use while i'm at work, Well recommended!

Kian Conway

Honeywell ST799 7 Day Programmer

Replacement Timer

Purchased this to replace old timer that only did 24hr settings. We wanted more control over weekday/weekend timings so went for this model. So easy to instal and set up. Clever copy to other days feature once you have set times for first day. Saves time and settings for days if the power goes off so no need to put all timings back in the device. Very clear backlit display. Easy on off without having to alter settings if heating/water is required outside of set times


Danfoss 3060 6 Position Programmer

So Far So Good

This product is simply the Randall 3060 by another name. Why they have had to change the name god only knows. Isn't life complicated enough. Thank the lord that spades and forks and still called spades and forks and we don't have to write a review every time we purchase a new one. I'm hoping to purchase a ball of garden twine next week. The Lord Harry only knows how I'm going to generate enough enthusiasm to review a ball of string. The World has gone MAD.

Perry G. Barr.