Central Heating

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a freezing cold house, which is why central heating is imperative to heat up your home so you can be comfortable and warm. We have a fantastic range of radiators you can choose from that are designed to suit a range of different home styles, and we also have a great selection of water heaters. Under sink water heater systems deliver instant hot water points of use and there are several forms of water heater systems available for a variety of requirements of the home or commercial premises. To go along with your heater we also have heating controls so you can keep track of your heating, and products to help you keep your central heating system flowing and working how it should.

  1. Water Heaters

    Water Heaters

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  2. plinth-heaters

    Plinth Heaters

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  3. Central Heating Controls

    Central Heating Controls

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  4. Central Heating Treatment Products

    Central Heating Treatment Products

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  5. Radiators


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  6. Radiator Covers

    Radiator Covers

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  7. Radiator Valves

    Radiator Valves

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  8. water-conditioners

    Water Conditioners

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  9. central-heating-pumps

    Central Heating Pumps

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  10. alarms-and-detectors


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