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Bathroom Basins | Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom Basins - Also Known as Bathroom Sinks!

Bathroom basins are often referred to as bathroom sinks, but technically a sink is something you only find in the kitchen! A washbasin is one of the most commonly used fittings in bathrooms and cloakrooms. You, your family and virtually anyone who visits your home will take the time to wash their hands or face in the basin. As such, it becomes quite a focal point considering the frequency of use. For this reason alone you need to make sure that the basin you choose is something you’ll be happy with in the long run. To make this decision as easy as possible, the Plumbworld range of basins offers a variety of styles in different price ranges to suit every budget and room.

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Bathroom Sinks - Things To Consider When Purchasing

Bathroom Sinks seem like a fairly straight forward bathroom item, but there will be a couple of things you need to consider when shopping around. Styling and size requirements are two of the most important aspects. Style will come down to the choice of the owner, but it’s advisable to try and integrate them with a similar design to the rest of the bathroom so they don’t stand out like a sore thumb. If you want to make it a focal area, do it right by going for a basin with bold styling statements that fits into the bathroom decor. Avoid colour or style contrasts where possible.

Pay Close Attention To Sizing: Whether you’re looking to replace a tired, old, grubby washbasin with a new one or you’re designing a bathroom from scratch; sizing is equally important. If you’re going for the former and simply upgrading to a newer basin, you’ll likely have certain dimensions to work to and the same applies even if you’re redesigning the entire room; you’ll still be faced with size limitations. The most important dimensions are the width and depth of the basin; although the height shouldn’t be completely neglected. Depth is key, because you don’t want the basin to protrude out more than required, so pay close attention to this. Width also plays a factor as if you have to fit the basin between a bath and vanity unit, an extra 20mm might make it overhang and look unsightly. Height may be useful if you want the top of the basin to line up level with surrounding units, however, this is usually trivial and won’t cause too many problems.

Space Saving Designs: Following on closely from the matter of size, space saving basin designs are extremely sought after in many bathrooms. Due to the lack of space in a lot of modern bathrooms, people are constantly seeking out smaller and smaller units in order to fit as much in as possible. Thankfully, even if your bathroom isn’t blessed with a lot of space, Plumbworld has the answer. With a wide range of wall-hung, cloakroom and corner washbasins – there’s something to suit every bathroom. If you have a corner that’s not being put to use, a corner washbasin is the ideal candidate to fill the space elegantly. Whereas if you value the ‘clean look’, a wall-hung basin might be an even better option as it doesn’t take up much needed floor space. Alternatively, you could also fit a counter top basin for a stylish, modern finish which doesn’t take up any additional space since it can sit atop a vanity unit or other surface.

Tap Holes: The amount of tap holes pre-drilled in a basin is certainly something to consider before purchase. If you already have your dream taps picked out, make sure that the basin is compatible. Smaller basins are often fitted with a single tap hole to provide more usable space, whereas larger basins with more room can often come with 2 tap holes. At the end of the day, it simply comes down to preference – as long as you don’t order a 2 tap hole basin to go with your mono mixer tap, you should be fine!


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