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Aqualisa Mixer Showers

Sleek Mixer Showers Packed with the Latest Technology

Aqualisa’s mixer showers are some of their most popular products. The attention to detail and rigorous testing put into each and every one ensures a smooth operation for years to come, and design-wise they look pretty great too! A contemporary appearance and a sleek chrome finish is simply the finishing touch on a hardwearing, durable chrome body. Mixers include Aqualisa’s much-lauded thermostatic technology, giving the user complete control over their ideal temperature and instantly correcting any temperature imbalances so you can have an interrupted showering experience. Also available are digital mixer showers, which bring the latest technological developments to your bathroom in the form of clever LED displays that show temperature and let you know when it’s safe to step in. Plus, there’s even the option to use a remote control to turn the shower on without having to use your hands. It’s all part of our and Aqualias’s approach to making life easier, more comfortable and definitely more enjoyable.

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