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Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers - An Evolution in Showering

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Showers provided a ground-breaking advancement in showering and stays one of Aqualisa'a most popular products today. The thermostatically controlled water blending system provides safe and powerful showering (and bathing) at the touch of a button from a remote control unit that can be situated up to 10m away. Perfect for family bathrooms or bathrooms where safe temperature control is paramount, i.e. disabled, elderly or infirm users. The twin outlet models in the range permit you to effortlessly redirect water between bath and shower heads.


Aqualisa Quartz – Model Options

Aqualisa Quartz digital showers come with a number of options which at first might seem a bit confusing! The first decision that you need to make is whether you need the HP/Combi models or the gravity fed models. This isn’t really a choice as it is dictated by your domestic hot water system. If you have a high pressure unvented hot water system, or a combi boiler then it’s the former you need. If you have a tank in the roof then it’s the latter. The models for tank systems are referred to as pumped as they use a pump to get the water pressure to the necessary level.


Once the appropriate model for your water system has been selected the next choice is do you want a rear fed or ceiling fed configuration? This refers to where the water enters the shower. Rear fed means through the wall that the shower is fixed to, whereas ceiling fed pumps the water down from above through the shower riser rail.


The final two decisions should be a bit simpler. The first concerns the configuration of the divertor system. Do you just want a shower, just a bath or a combination of bath and shower. It would be quite unusual to have the bath only option, but it is available.


Finally, the last decision is the shower head. Do you want Aqualisa’s unique harmony shower head with a wall mounted over-drencher or a ceiling mounted over-drencher? The Harmony shower head has a variety of powerful spray patterns and is of course easy clean to help prevent the build up of limescale. They also come with a clever anti-tangle device which stops the shower hose from getting twisted and increasing its working life.




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