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Reginox Kitchen Sink Accessories

Everyone loves a good kitchen accessory, so why not have a range of accessories to choose from for your sink? The selection Reginox Kitchen Sink Accessories are sure to impress, with colanders that slot into your 0.5 bowls, wooden chopping boards that sit on top of your sink, wire draining boards, ceramic drainers and built in soap dispensers, you have a fantastic selection to choose from to complement and improve your sinks functionality as well as add to your kitchens aesthetics, especially with the gorgeous copper and chrome finishes. 

  1. Reginox Stainless Steel Half Bowl Colander - B0899RLU00GPZ

  2. Reginox Stainless Steel Half Bowl Square Colander - B49R0LGS00GDS

  3. Reginox Plastic Half Bowl Colander - R1000

  4. Reginox Plastic Shallow Half Bowl Colander - R1035

  5. Reginox Wooden Curved Style Chopping Board - S1070

  6. Reginox Wooden Chopping Board with Plate Rack - S3105

  7. Reginox Wooden Chopping Board with Detachable Plastic Board - S3110

  8. Reginox White Round Wire Basket - R1090

  9. Reginox Chrome Plated Draining Rack - CBD 1

  10. Reginox Small Plate Rack - GPR01

  11. Reginox Large Rectangular Wire Basket - GSSB02

  12. Reginox Wooden Chopping Board - GWCB03

  13. Reginox Rectangular Wire Basket - R1190

  14. Reginox Wire Bottom Plate - GBP01

  15. Reginox Round Top Style Soap Dispenser - GSD01

  16. Reginox Square Top Style Soap Dispenser - GSD02

  17. Reginox Chopping Board and Wire Basket Accessory Set

  18. Reginox Large Wire Basket, Chopping Board and Soap Dispenser Accessory Set

  19. Reginox Miami Gunmetal Colander - R 3001 GUN METAL COL

  20. Reginox Miami Gold Colander - R 3003 GOLD COLANDER

  21. Reginox Miami 40x40 Gunmetal Bottom Plate- R 3004 40X40 GUNM BP

  22. Reginox Miami 40x40 Copper Bottom Plate - R 3005 40X40 COPP BP

  23. Reginox Miami 50x40 Gunmetal Bottom Plate - R 3007 50X40 GUNM BP

  24. Reginox Miami 50x40 Copper Bottom Plate - R 3008 50X40 COPP BP

  25. Reginox Miami 50x40 Gold Bottom Plate - R 3009 50X40 GOLD BP

  26. reginox-white-ceramic-drainer-for-use-with-belfast-sink

    Best Seller!

    Reginox White Ceramic Drainer For Use With Belfast Sink

  27. Reginox Panama Space Saving Waste Syphon