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Relax in Comfort with our Luxurious Bath Tubs

Why should you settle for something that isn’t exactly what you want? Your bathroom is one of the most important places in the household when it comes to relaxing and a top-quality bath is a necessity. Don’t be fooled into thinking a high end bath will cost an arm and a leg; we’ve worked hard to ensure that we can provide comfortable, luxury baths at an affordable price. Style should also play an important role and our collection of baths features both traditional and contemporary designs to fit perfectly into any bathroom you have in mind.

A Bath for Every Requirement

Finding a bathtub that suits your requirements can be a strenuous task. However to streamline this process, we’ve pulled out all the stops and put our entire bath collection in one place to make sure this decision is as simple as possible for you. Whether you’re after a luxurious whirlpool bath, a 2-in-1 shower bath, large baths or small baths, we’ve got the solution. With a wide range of designs, sizes, features and materials, we have the perfect bath for everyone.

Innovative Manufacturing

Unlike many other retailers, our baths are sourced from only the top manufacturers in the industry and this allows us to offer features and innovation that others can’t match. The latest bath technology allows for more heat retention through the use of a ‘double skin’ that adds an extra layer on the inside and outside. This exceptional build quality also makes our baths resilient and even more hard wearing, making them suitable for daily use by big families.

Optional Whirlpool Feature

Whilst all of our standard baths can offer a completely pleasurable bathing experience, many people wish to take their relaxation to the next level when they get home from a day of stressful work. This is where the whirlpool feature is worth its weight in gold. The handy whirlpool feature provides a powerful, invigorating bath which has been proven to benefit the body and mind. With the latest in whirlpool technology, we’re confident that once you experience whirlpool technology for yourself, you won’t go back. Due to this, many of the bath tubs on offer at Plumbworld can be specified and ordered with a whirlpool option; varying from 4 to 10 jets, in order to make your bathing experience even more memorable and relaxing.

Buy With Confidence

We take the time to inspect and examine every single bath we stock; this enables us to provide comprehensive details and specifications for any model that’s for sale on the website. We want you to know exactly what you’re looking at before you buy it and that’s what we’ve done - no more surprises receiving a bath that isn’t anything like you expected. Buy today and order with confidence knowing that what you see is what you’ll get from Plumbworld.


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