Mira Adept Showers

Mira Adept showers have a clever thermostatic valve that mixes your hot and cold water together, so when you select your desired temperature your shower kicks in and gives you your perfect shower straight away. The Mira Adept Shower range has the option of whether you'd like a wall mounted overhead drencher shower head or an adjustable riser rail shower handset. The dazzling chrome finishes paired with the clever technology makes for a fantastic choice of Thermostatic Mixer Shower for your bathroom. 

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    Mira Adept BRD+ Thermostatic Mixer Shower

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Mira Adept Thermostatic Mixer Showers

The fantastic thing about mixer showers is that your hot and cold water is already mixed for you, so all you have to do is select your perfect temperature and you can enjoy your perfect shower immediately. Mira Adept Showers come with wall mounted overhead shower heads or riser rails with adjustable shower handsets, giving you choice that will most suit you and your household.


Single control with chrome finish

Control the temperature and flow of your Mira Adept shower by using the large easy to use dial. Thermostatic showers mix your hot and water together for you in the valve, so all you have to do is turn the control to the desired temperature and flow you would like, and enjoy your showering experience.

The stunning shiny chrome finish adds a touch of style whilst being practical as it's easy to clean due to its smooth wipe-clean surface.

overhead shower

Overhead or Handset

The Mira Adept Mixer Showers have different options for you to suit your household. Choose from a fantastic large overhead drencher head that is fixed to the wall for an ultimate rainfall showering experience. If you're looking for flexibility then the adjustable handset is a great choice, as it can be removed from the wall to ensure a full reach shower. The handset is attached to a riser rail with an adjustable holder, allowing you to adjust the height making it a great choice for a multi-household.

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