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Contemporary Bathroom Design Tips

Sleek, stylish, clean and minimalist. These are the buzzwords most associated with contemporary bathroom designs - but what do they actually represent?

The modern bathroom is a perfect blend of simple form and high-performing functionality. We’re talking about monochrome colour schemes, bold curves and angular designs. These are combined with floating fixtures, lots of visual floor space and light.

But where do you start if you want to overhaul your bathroom? Plumbworld is here to help you create a contemporary bathroom with our tips. From large to small steps at a range of prices. To achieve a visually stunning and spacious look, there are so many factors you can consider.

We’ve picked out some key tips, so read on to find out what you can do to have your dream contemporary bathroom…

Walls & Floors

Muted monochromatic colour schemes are on-trend when it comes to modern bathrooms. Whites, greys and even black all work well for a dramatic statement. 

Painting a bathroom is the easiest way to tie together a decor scheme, but wall tiles and wall panels can also complement the colour on the walls. Contemporary bathrooms are the ideal for larger size tiles, where they’ll create a durable, seamless wallcovering that’s easy to clean. Matte and gloss tile finishes work in modern spaces. 

Tip: Experiment laying matching tiles in different patterns as an alternative to patterned tiles, or using a contrasting grey or black grout.

Floor tiles are the most popular choice for contemporary bathrooms, and, like wall tiles, bigger is better. Large tiles in dramatic dark colours, with high-gloss or matt finishes, will look sophisticated. Alternatively, polished tiles can look great while helping to bounce light around your room - to give an illusion of more space.

Tip: Try wall and floor tiles that can be used on both surfaces to tie the room together for a seamless, contemporary look.


Modern showers combine innovation and style and few things achieve this more than a walk-in shower - they’re functional and attractive.

For the shower itself, there are plenty of choices when it comes to electric, mixer and digital showers with contemporary styling. You should go for modern design finishes on a mixer and digital shower units. Brushed stainless steel or black-finished shower fittings are all the rage. 

Tip: For a minimalist look, choose a built-in thermostatic mixer shower to conceal the pipework and fittings. You can also do this with ordinary mixer showers.

As we’ve said, walk-in shower enclosures are the ultimate in contemporary style. This is especially the case when you can have special designs for the glass screens. Frosted, patterns or dark tinted can contrast against your walls and floors. You can take your showers one step further with low profile shower trays with hidden wastes at floor-level to look sleek and sophisticated.


When it comes to choosing a contemporary bath, though there’s a wide range to consider at Plumbworld, a freestanding bath is best. 

Contemporary style is all about rounded features with your basin and toilet. So, a freestanding bath continues this trend. Freestanding baths can bring more floor space and light by taking away the boxy presence of a standard bath with a panel. A contemporary freestanding bath, with freestanding taps, can be a fantastic addition where space allows.

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For angular designs, or if you don’t have space for a freestanding bath, straight baths can work well. You can bring a modern twist to straight baths with glossy, flat bath panels. Combine your straight bath with a sleek frameless glass bath screen for a refined look that’s, unlike with a shower curtain, uncluttered.

Basin & Taps

Modern basins break away from traditional styles with bold curves or sharp angles and clean lines. You can achieve this with stunning counter-top basins.

Wall-hung basins are a staple in contemporary bathrooms, an excellent blend of function and style. However, the most striking fixture you can install is counter-top basins and their many designs. Curves or angular, you can find the ideal style for your decor. These add a touch of class to your bathroom and come in monochrome or bold colour options.

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Once you’ve found the right basin, pair it with the right tap. A mixer tap is a great addition to any contemporary bathroom as they are a single tap rather than a classic double. For the ultimate modern style, choose waterfall or wall-mounted taps. Having water cascade for a spa-like experience or hiding the fittings and pipes is a stunning option to have.


Modern designs are becoming more streamlined, but to take it to the next level, concealing your cistern is best for a contemporary bathroom.

You can conceal toilet cisterns within a stylish cabinet. Wall-hung and back to wall toilets work with these designs to minimise the amount of pipework on display. Not only are they a stunning addition to a bathroom, but they are excellent for adding space - especially in a small bathroom.

White high-gloss finishes, the most common toilet colour, help reflect light to make your space seem larger. However, you can find toilets in other shades, such as grey, to match your bathroom decor if you’ve gone a monochromatic or contrasting colour choice.

Cabinets & Furniture

Above all, adding a vanity unit brings a streamlined look and minimalistic feel to your bathroom and can help make your room feel larger. 

A wall-hung vanity unit is an easy way to hide your everyday essentials while providing more space and light. High-gloss finishes in white or darker greys work well for contemporary design. Matched with metal handles and a recessed or counter-top basin, it will free up more room for storage underneath.

Making room for your everyday essentials in a contemporary bathroom is easier with sleek cabinets. Ranges that let you mix and match vanity units with wall-hung cabinets and options, such as open shelving will help create the ideal modern bathroom space.

For the final steps, such as bathroom accessories, think minimalist. The best contemporary bathroom accessories are about blending in. For example, storage out in the open, like soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, go for neutral shades and a matte or gloss finish to match your tiles.

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