Looking for some fun bathroom triva and facts? Well you're in the right place. Keep reading to find out things you never knew you wanted to know!

16 Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

Have you ever wondered what items you should and shouldn't flush down the toilet? Continue reading to find out more. Some might shock you!

Which Bathroom Habits Get on Your Nerves?

Do members of your household leave you with damp towels, toothpaste stains and wet floors? You're not alone. Keep reading to find out which bathroom habits annoy Plumbworld customers the most.

What Does a Typical Morning Routine Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what other people's morning routines involve? Do people have a morning shower, walk the dog, check their phone or spend time with their kids? Keep reading to find out the results of our latest survey.

What Do We Do in the Bathroom?

Have you ever wondered how everyone else spends their time in the bathroom? Do people cry in the shower, use the bathroom for romance or enjoy an alcoholic beverage in the bath? Keep reading to find out the results from our recent bathroom routines survey.

How to Wash Your Body According to Statistics

Have you ever wondered if you're washing your body correctly? Do you wash your body from top to bottom or bottom to top? Keep reading to find out how the statistics from our recent survey.

Toilet seats: should you leave them up or down?

It's a common household debate. Should you leave the toilet seat up or should you put it down?

22 Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Struggling to think of Christmas present ideas? Not to worry, we've created a long list of the perfect stocking fillers for the bathroom!

How to Remove Hair Dye from Your Bathroom

Dyeing your hair can be a messy job which can lead to staining your bathroom sanitaryware. Read our tips on how to remove and prevent stains in your bathroom.

Best Position to Sit on the Toilet

Posture is very important when you go to the toilet so are you sitting in the best position? Read on to find out the best ways to empty your bowels.

Here Are the Strangest Bathroom Related Searches Made on the Internet - and the Answers!

Here are some of the strangest things we have found people asking search engines about their bathrooms. Have you done any of them?

The Most Expensive Bathrooms in the World

Intrigued by what the most expensive bathrooms look like? Have a look at how hotels have transformed their bathrooms into something extraordinary and what celebrities have in their homes.

Why Don't We Use Urinals In Home Bathrooms?

Ever wondered why there are urinals in public bathrooms, but not in your own home? Keep reading to find out the downsides to fitting a urinal in your own home.

Don't Fly Tip Your Old Bathroom - Recycle!

Not sure what to do with your old bathroom suite? Read our blog post to find out how to correctly recycle your bathroom so fly-tipping can be put to a stop.

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Halloween decoration ideas for the bathroom and kitchen may sound a little odd, but we've all gone Halloween crazy in the last few years. If you're struggling for ideas on how to decorate your home for Halloween, we've got you covered!

The Age Old Question: Is the Hot Bathroom Tap on the Left or Right?

Is the hot bathroom tap on the left or right? We have the answer! Read our post to find out once and for all - and the reason why!

How to go to the Toilet in Space

Ever wondered how astronauts go to the toilet in space? We found out how toilets have evolved making it easier for the space travellers.

How to Make Towel Animals

Have you ever been to a hotel where they've shaped the towels into beautiful animals? If you wondered how they do this, follow our step-by-step guide to create them at home!

Middle Ages Plumbing

Ever wondered what plumbing systems used to be like in the middle ages? Read on to learn how plumbing has changed over the last few hundred years and the differences between the rich and the poor. Trust me we have it easy!

Today I Learned: Pay as You Go Toilets Used to be a Thing

Who would have thought that you'd have to pay for a bodily function you can't stop? Read on to learn about how 'pay as you go' toilets used to be a thing,

Pissoirs: The History of Public Urinals in Paris

Read about the history of the pissoir in Paris during the 1800s and how public toilets have evolved since then.

The Smallest Room in the House (or Boat)

How small can a bathroom really be? We give you some examples of how people save space in their house and even on boat homes.

The 4 Most Amazing Showers in the World

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive and luxurious showers around the world look like? Read on to find out! You're guaranteed to be impressed!

The Benefits of a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Wondering how to go about renovating a Jack and Jill bathroom (otherwise known as a his and hers bathroom)? Read on to find out what you need and how to create one.

The Complete Urine Drinkers Cocktail Guide

Have we got your attention? We've put together a guide for urine drinkers on how to create alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to improve the taste!

The History of Hygiene

Wondered how hygiene has evolved through history? Read through our infographic to see how cleanliness was dealt with thousands of years ago in comparison to today.

The History of Toilet Paper: From Ancient China to your Bathroom Wall

You probably haven't given toilet paper a second thought, but where did it actually come from? Read our post on how toilet paper came to be and what was using beforehand.

Today I Learned: Why Airplane Bathrooms Still Have Ashtrays

You may have noticed if you've been on a plane in your lifetime, that they still have ashtrays in the toilets. Why? Read on to find out.

Why do we Need to Wash at All?

There are both pros and cons to washing daily. If you've ever missed a day, read on to feel less guilty about it.

What are Some Alternative Words for Toilet and Where do They Come From?

The toilet has many names all around the world that people have picked up and started using. Have a look at the list to see if you use any of them!

What Do You Listen to in the Bath?

Baths are one way to relax after a long day, or even on your day off. But what benefits are there to listening to music? Read our blog post to find out what music you should be listening to and why.

What is it with Chrome?

Why is chrome always the go-to for bathroom and kitchen accessories? We've got the answers, so read on to learn why!

Where Did Iconic People Have Their Eureka Moment?

Ever had a shower and suddenly get a great idea pop into your head? Have a look at our infographic of famous people who had that eureka moment, where they were and what their invention was.

Would You Give Up Toilet Paper?

Would you consider giving up toilet paper? What if it helped the planet? Learn about other ways you can clean yourself and whether it will save you more money in the long run.

Food and Drinks That Make You Poo

Read through our infographic to find out which foods make you poo and which ones can cause constipation - it's totally normal to wonder about your bowel movements!

The Fall and Rise of the Outside Toilet

Remember the good old days of outside toilets? Read on to learn about the history and perks of having an outside toilet - they're not as bad as it sounds!

Everyday Items Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat!

Toilet seats are always thought as the most dirtiest thing in the world. Here's a list of everyday things that are in fact dirtier!

Famous Brands That Released Weird Products

Check out our list of weird products that famous brands have previously released - you can imagine how some of them went down!

Bathroom Hacks You Need to Try

Looking for some helpful bathroom cleaning and storage hacks? From keeping your shower curtain in place to stopping your bathroom mirror fogging up we've got you covered. Read on to find out more.

5 Ways You Can Take Part in Earth Day in the Bathroom

Saving water has always been a priority but it's become more apparent in recent years. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Earth Day and how to save more water in your home.

20 Gutterly Bizarre Things Found in Sewers

Ever wondered what weird and wonderful items have been found in your sewers? Read on to find out 20 bizarre things that have been found in the sewers all over the world!

10 Things You Can't Have Known About Bathrooms

Find out some interesting facts about bathrooms that you would have never even thought about - read on to test your knowledge.

10 Reasons Why Bathrooms are the Stuff of Nightmares!

Bathrooms can be a scary place - especially in films. We've put a list together of the horrifying things that go down in bathrooms which can be turned into ideas for Halloween.

Dropped Phone Down the Toilet Fix

We all know someone who's dropped their phone down the toilet or we've done it ourselves, but what should you do amongst the panic? Read our tips and tricks on how to save your phone after water damage.

Why Women go to the Toilet Together

It's common that women will go to the bathroom in pairs, but why? We asked our co-workers so we could crack this once and for all...

A Guide to Urinal Etiquette

There's an unspoken rule that many men will go by when using public bathrooms. Read our guide on how to get in and out of the restroom as quickly as possible whilst still following the etiquette.

Shy Bladder? Plumbworld Launches the Privi-Pee Cape

Sometimes you can't follow the rule of leaving one urinal space between each person if you really need to go. That's where the Privi-Pee comes in! Read on to find out how it works.