Famous Brands That Released Weird Products

Late last year our ‘Privi-Pee Cape’ went viral around the world. The Huffington Post reported on it, and from there it spread to loads of websites, and it even ended up being discussed on Good Morning America, which is the USA’s biggest breakfast TV show. Many people thought it was a weird product, with some writing that it wouldn’t really do the job anyway. We’d probably agree that it was weird, but in hindsight we can say that at least we gave everyone a good laugh!

Anyway, it got us thinking about weird products that other companies have launched in the past. Most of the time these fail because the new product does not fit the brand identity, such as Colgate trying to enter the food market when they’re known for minty fresh toothpaste. But other times the ventures become surprisingly successful, such as the annual Guinness World Record Book that you always seem to get at Christmas. But more often than not, companies end up bowing out of their new ventures and going back to what they do best. At least they can say they tried.

Below we’ll take a look at some of the most famous brands in the world and the weird products that they’ve released, most of which didn’t go down too well.


Ollie Lyon

Ollie is a self-trained DIY expert who particularly enjoys kitchen and bathroom renovations. In his spare time Ollie enjoys cycling and hiking.