What do you listen to in the bath?

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Having a bath is, without doubt, one of the most relaxing things you can do on your own – or even with another person (none of that stuff... I know what you’re thinking). But is it the bath itself that invokes this feeling of relaxation or is it the experience and the environment that really takes you to that place of tranquillity where you can lose yourself for hours?

Well, we’ve asked a variety of people – and by variety, we mean the people that work in the office with us – and the majority fed back that music was the key factor in getting them fully relaxed. In fact, over 90% of the people we talked to stated that having a bath without music “didn’t feel the same” and couldn’t let them “fully unwind”, so, maybe music really is the crucial factor in creating the perfect bathing experience?

That is apparently not the case for everyone as a couple of people said they were happier bathing in silence so they could think through the day and not get caught up in the song. Personally, I can relate to this as I like a bit of quiet downtime on occasions, although I never really have time for a bath so I have to settle for singing in the shower.

That brings us to the question...

Why is music so relaxing and what benefits does it have?

It has been proven time and time again that listening to calming, gentle music can help your body reach a state of relaxation that is hard to achieve without it. Such a state of relaxation promotes many positive factors within any kind of lifestyle as detailed below:

  • It reduces stress, and the benefits of lower stress levels can carry over into our day-to-day life by allowing us to enjoy the smaller things and being able to ‘live in the moment’.
  • If you’re a person who relishes creativity, sometimes music combined with relaxation can help you become more focused and provide inspiration that you may not have had before.
  • It promotes well-being and regeneration; which in layman’s terms means your body has the capacity to heal quicker and make full use of itself.
  • It can cure insomnia or at least go some way to reducing it. When your mind and body are truly relaxed, sleep comes naturally rather than being forced – this also promotes a deeper sleep which rejuvenates the body quicker.

What music do we recommend to truly get you into the bathing experience? Well, it’s hard to say as everyone’s different – but a touch of Adele or Einaudi is a good start. You may even want to play around by researching your own relaxation music until you find something that really clicks for you.

Just to give you all a bit of a chuckle, we thought we’d share one particular response from an individual we posed this question to. As soon as you read it, it will become apparently evident that the respondent was indeed a male... “If I listen to music, how can I hear myself fart in the bath?”

Albeit a valid question, it’s certainly one we are not interested in answering. We'd much rather hear what you have to say! So, if you bath often, what do you listen to? What really gets you relaxed? Or are you one of the people who prefer complete silence?

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