What Do We Do in the Bathroom?

Our bathrooms are often a sacred space. They’re a place just for you, a place where you can enjoy some much-needed relaxation, and where you can unwind after a long day. You can sit back, read a book and even…eat?

In a recent Plumbworld survey conducted on over 2,000 people in the UK, it seems our bathroom antics have no bounds…

With 45% people having a shower at least once a day, there’s no wonder we start to develop some interesting habits. After all, a lot that can happen in that time.

So, let’s delve into the nitty gritty, weird, and sometimes wonderful things that we do and don’t get up to in our bathrooms.

Boozy Bathing

You may be partial to a nice tipple now and then, but how many of us take our boozy beverages into the bathroom? It seems we do! With 9% of our survey takers saying they enjoy a cheeky pick-me-up in the bathroom, it seems an alcoholic drink or a thirst-quenching shower beer may be the perfect thing to complement your bathroom experience.

Drinking may not be the only indulgence we enjoy. According to our statistics, Yorkshire and Humber came out on top as the region most likely to eat in the bathroom, with 9% stating they have a bath-time snack. 

Although the thought of chowing down on a delicious meal and sipping a cooling drink may seem tempting, it is widely suggested that eating in the bathroom may not be the most hygienic decision…

Furry Friends

As a nation, we love our pets. According to PAW PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report 2023, 53% of UK adults own a pet, so it’s clear to see that our beloved animals have stolen our hearts. But how far will we go? While 16% of people said they had washed their pet in the bathroom, a surprising statistic also revealed that at least 2% of people go a step further and enjoy a relaxing shower with their pet!

Could it be that showering with your pet is the way forward? Our Plumbworld Expert, Brett Cullen says: ‘’although showering with your canine companion or feline friend might seem like a good way of saving time, water and even money; it might not be the most hygienic solution to getting yourself and your pet clean.‘’

Love is in the Air

From steamy showers, soothing bubble-filled baths, and lathered-up bodies; it’s no wonder love can be found in the bathroom. Romance can often be a hot topic when it comes to our time in the shower or bath, and the stats don’t lie. While only 7% of people said they had sometimes showered or bathed with a partner, at least 21% didn’t shy away and confessed to having sex while in the bathroom.

Teary Wash

We all need a good cry from time to time. And it seems our bathrooms may be the prime crying location. With over 20% of people saying they have cried in the bathroom. Women were also more likely to admit to a teary shower, with 34% saying they had cried in the shower compared to only 9% of men.

But why is crying in the bathroom so wide-spread, and why can it feel so good? Perhaps it’s the intimate privacy or the soothing sound of water that brings out our emotions. Whatever it is, here at Plumbworld, we know there’s no shame in letting the tears out when you’re having a soak!

Entertainment Time

When you think about sitting back and relaxing with a favourite film or new TV show, would the bathroom be your go-to prime-time watching spot? It appears not everyone does. With only 2% of people stating they would watch a show on their phone in the bathroom, it seems we like to keep our entertainment time and relaxation time separate. 

A different story can be told for singing and dancing, with around 12% of people revealing they like to sing their hearts out in the shower. And who wouldn’t with such great acoustics available right in our homes!

Is the Bathroom Free?

Although it’s clear that most people like to have alone time when getting clean, with 58% of our survey takers saying they have never showered or bathed while someone was on the loo, a surprising amount of people seem fine with the idea of some company…

37% of people stated they have showered or bathed while their partner was on the toilet, closely followed by 28% revealing they had done the same while their children were on the toilet. Perhaps more alarming, 2% of people revealed they have showered or bathed while a random person was on the loo…

Where you live may also impact on your comfort levels with a bathroom companion. Our survey revealed 53% of people from London had showered or bathed with someone else in the bathroom, with only 21% of people from Northern Ireland admitting to the same thing.

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