Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom


Smaller bathrooms can seem poky and difficult to manage unless you learn a few tricks to maximise your space and to ensure that you have enough space to store all of your bathing necessities.

You Can Have Both


If your bathroom is so small that you can’t easily include a shower in addition to a bath then an over-bath shower is the obvious solution. Many people assume that an over-bath shower means a tacky rubber attachment hooked to the wall above the bath taps but this need not be the case at all. There are many stylish and affordable options for over-bath showers today and you can also purchase splash guards to attach to the side of the bath which will help to minimise flooding. Fitting a splash guard in addition to a stylish shower curtain is a great way to make sure that you have the facilities to enjoy a relaxing bath as well as an invigorating shower!

Turn it Into a Wet Room



We have covered this subject on the blog before and installing a wet room is one way to save on space in a stylish way; you don’t necessarily need an enormous bathroom to be able to enjoy the benefits of a wet room either. Even smaller bathrooms can be adjusted by dint of installing concealed shower trays which give the appearance of a wet room. Integral tiled seating and storage spaces are another great way to make the most of this type of set-up.

Make the Most of the Space Available


If you want to keep a traditional bathroom with shower and bath as separate units, then you will need to consider some other nifty space saving ideas in terms of the bath and sink. A corner bath is an attractive way to allow you to benefit from a good soak without using up all of the available space, whilst under-sink storage cupboards and over door shelves will make the most of otherwise unused space and allow for storage of bulky towels too. Also consider a corner sink, as sinks in very small bathrooms can often disrupt the path into the bathroom.


Adding a shelf underneath the basin, as shown in the image above, will also give you some added storage space. You may even be able to fit a small corner vanity unit underneath it instead – and making it a wall hanging floating vanity unit will free up even more space!

Look out for slim, wheeled storage units which may be shifted around the room as and when required; these are great for storing soaps and other incidentals and they also help to avoid cluttering up your bath area with cosmetics, bottles and jars, which not only looks disorganised but is a magnet for mess.

Quick Fix Small Bathroom Solutions

If your bathroom needs to cater for a whole family then try these quick-fix solutions for a fast and effective de-clutter.

  • Ditch the laundry basket! There’s no need to keep a laundry basket in the bathroom, provide a pop-up laundry caddy for each bedroom instead.
  • Have a clean out of all those unused lotions and potions! It’s amazing how much space is taken up with things that are never used!
  • Invest in an over door towel rail; great for hanging damp towels on.

A small bathroom need not be an impractical bathroom, keep your clutter down and look at any unused space available as potential storage space. If you fancy a bathroom revamp and want to know how to give the room the appearance of being larger in addition to adding a little luxury then consider painting it all in a light colour and adding a large mirror which will double the available light.

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