Small Toilet Ideas


If you’ve got a small bathroom, ensuite, or even cloakroom then you might be wondering which type of toilet would be best suited to your small space. Well, here at Plumbworld we’ve created a handy guide to help you choose the best toilet for your small space.

Toilets come in all shapes and sizes but making a decision on which one is best for you can be overwhelming. Continue reading to find out more about our range of toilets from practical combination and vanity units to classic back-to-wall toilets, all perfect for small spaces.

Wall Hung Toilets


If you’re looking for a standard-sized toilet capable of fitting in a small space then a wall-hung toilet is a wonderful choice, as they have many benefits, from being incredibly space-saving to their lack of nooks and crannies making them easier to clean.

Wall-hung toilets allow the cistern in the wall behind the toilet, providing that much-needed extra space in an already small cloakroom or bathroom.

One thing that tends to concern people with wall-hung toilets is how easy it is to fix any issues that may arise and whether the wall behind the toilet will need to be taken apart. Well, the answer to this is that the flush plate can simply be removed to allow easy access to the cistern, meaning a simple and straightforward process to fix any issues.

Another benefit to wall-hung toilets is the ability to choose exactly what height you would like yours to be installed at, making them the perfect choice not only for saving space but for those of any height and people with disabilities due to their height flexibility.

Back to Wall Toilets


Similar to a wall-hung toilet, a back-to-wall toilet allows the cistern to be hidden away behind the wall, making them a perfect choice for a bathroom or cloakroom which is lacking in space.

Short Projection Toilet


Toilets with a shorter than normal projection are perfect for smaller rooms as they don’t encroach into valuable space. Short projection simply means the distance from the wall to the end of the toilet pan is shorter than a standard toilet.

A short projection toilet tends to be around 600mm in length from the back of the cistern to the front of the toilet pan, with standard projection toilets being around 650mm or over. This might not sound like a massive difference but when fitting in a small bathroom those few millimeters can make all the difference.

Corner Toilet


In most bathrooms, it’s difficult to make the most of the space, especially the corners which tend to end up as a dumping ground for spare toilet roll or pedal bins but what if you could make the most of this space? With a corner toilet, you can do just that as they come with a wonderfully clever triangular-shaped cistern, making them a perfect fit for that otherwise unused space in your bathroom.

Installing a corner toilet will also help to create much-needed maneuverable space in your bathroom by reducing the distance your toilet protrudes into the room, meaning you might be able to install a toilet where it wouldn't normally be possible to do so.

Combination and Vanity Units

If you’re looking to make the most of the space in your bathroom, then why not consider a toilet and basin vanity unit or a toilet and basin combination unit. Both of these clever units are perfect for use in bathrooms and cloakrooms where space is at a premium.

Toilet and Basin Vanity Unit


If you’re looking for a space-saving toilet solution for your bathroom or ensuite then a toilet and basin vanity unit might be the perfect choice as they not only offer the convenience of your toilet and basin all in one, but they feature vital storage space too.

When fitting out your bathroom or ensuite you are likely to consider the size of your bathroom ceramics but forget about the things that need storing in there like toilet rolls and everyday toiletries and the last thing you want is for these to end up sitting on the floor or on top of the toilet cistern. That’s where the added storage space in a toilet and basin vanity unit can be extremely practical.

Toilet and Basin Combination Unit


For smaller spaces such as ensuites and cloakrooms, a toilet and basin combination is a good choice. With both the toilet and basin combined in one not only is this perfect for maximising space but also making your budget go further.

Toilet and basin combination units start from around £200and are in most cases cheaper than purchasing a toilet and basin separately, making them a wonderful choice for a smaller budget.

Don’t forget if you choose a combination or vanity unit it'll lessen the hassle of looking for multiple products as you’ll only need to measure up for one item, what more could you want?

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