How to Clean Your Shower Head of Limescale

How to Clean Your Shower Head of Limescale

If there is one thing that is annoying in your bathroom, it is having a shower with the water squirting out in every direction but down.

The water is being squeezed through the holes in your shower head which have become clogged with limescale and no matter how much you try to fix the problem by wiping the showerhead you find the situation only gets worse. However, you should keep in mind that some shower heads are advertised as wipe clean only, so make sure to check the instruction book before cleaning your shower head.

But before you order a new shower head, it is worth trying to give the shower head and the shower hose a good deep clean which will offer a few weeks of relief from shower blockage. So, Plumbworld is here to help.

Read our guide to cleaning and removing limescale from a shower head to get yours sparkling again...

What causes limescale on a shower head?

what causes limescale on a shower

The problem comes from hard water which is entering your home and, aside from installing a water softener, you have few options when it comes to preventing the build-up of limescale on and in your appliances.

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Hard water isn’t harmful, so showering under the water won’t hurt you, but you may find it irritating once the holes are blocked and you will find that shower hoses and shower heads will need to be replaced on a regular basis. But before you order a new shower head, once again, it is worth trying to give the shower head and the shower hose a good deep clean which will offer a few weeks of relief from shower blockage.

Cleaning a shower head with vinegar

Most people would agree that they would rather not use harsh chemicals close to their skin, and so vinegar is a great option for removing limescale from your shower head.

If your shower head or shower handset can be unscrewed from the hose or wall fitting you should do so. Then, immerse the showerhead in a bowl full of vinegar. Take it apart as much as possible – some models allow you to unscrew the front section.

How long should you soak a shower head in vinegar?

Leave it overnight to get the best limescale removal. Then, rinse thoroughly with water until the water runs smoothly through the holes. You may need to use a pin to unblock the holes.

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For a quicker option, simply add your shower head to a saucepan of vinegar and bring it to a gentle simmer. Within a few minutes, the limescale should start to dissolve. Keep checking it and only simmer it until it is clean of deposits. Take care not to get it too hot especially if it is plastic.

How to clean a fixed shower head

It is unusual to find showerheads which cannot be removed from their fittings, but if yours is one of the few, you can still clean it of limescale. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it securely with a rubber band around the showerhead. Make sure it is fully immersed. Once again leave it overnight and then run the shower to see how clean it is. The video above shows exactly how to do this.

How do you remove limescale from a shower hose?

No matter how much effort you put into cleaning your shower head, it will all come to nothing if limescale deposits are in your shower hose or pipes. It is important to clean these as well.

How to clean a shower hose with vinegar?

Remove the hose or pipe if possible and lay it in your bath. Add hot water and vinegar and leave to soak. This may take some time or you may have to repeat several times to remove large build-ups.

It is much trickier to remove a build-up of limescale from your pipework if it is still attached. For big problems, it may require the help of a plumber. But pouring vinegar or limescale remover into the pipe may help.

Preventing limescale - How often should you soak your shower head?

how often should you soak your shower head

Keeping on top of the cleaning of your shower head is important. The process of soaking in vinegar should be repeated every week during your general bathroom clean. This will mean that the problem will not have a chance to take hold. Once the initial clean has been done, a few minutes of soaking should be enough to keep on top of it if done regularly.

The use of a vinegar spray into the showerhead holes will also help to declog them in between cleans.

How to clean a shower head without vinegar?

If you have a severe problem with limescale you can use a chemical limescale remover.

Use the same methods as above, but take care to read the instructions as some materials can be ruined by the use of certain cleaners. Don’t soak for too long as these harsher chemicals will reduce the time it takes to dissolve deposits. You should also take care to rinse the showerhead completely before using the shower.

Shower heads unfortunately aren't the only bathroom items that need a regular clean, with toilets, shower enclosures, baths and tiles being some of the worse items to clean. Take a look at the rest of our blog for more cleaning advice.

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