Are Toilet Seats a Standard Size?

As we all know too well, toilet seats don’t last forever and in most cases, your toilet will outlive the seat. Therefore, you need to know what type of toilet seat to purchase as a replacement. With a wide range of designs and styles, it might be difficult to know which seat will fit your toilet. But worry no more as this guide will help you to figure this out.

What are the different toilet styles?

As we mentioned above, toilet seats come in a variety of styles from classic round and d-shaped seats to more contemporary square designs. Therefore, when replacing your toilet seat you need to know what style your current seat is.

Now, square toilet seats might be easy to work out, but sometimes D shape and round seats can look very similar. That’s where measuring your toilet will come in handy.

Keep reading to find out how to measure your toilet.

D shape

A D shape toilet seat is as it says in the name D shaped. This means the back of the seat is straight and square off, with the front of the seat replicating a half-oval shape.


The most contemporary style of all, the square toilet seat is likely the easiest shape to distinguish. This stylish seat shape is perfect for a minimalist and modern-styled bathroom.


The round toilet seat is rounded in style and has been around for years. Therefore, if your toilet seat has lasted 20-30 years, to start with well done for keeping it in good condition for so long but it is likely your toilet seat with be a round design.

What is a family toilet seat?

A family toilet seat is particularly useful for households with small children and includes a smaller and in most cases, removable toilet seat, attached to the main seat, which is the perfect size for small children. This type of toilet seat is particularly useful for toilet training your little ones.

Again, these will come in different styles, so if you’re replacing an old seat you need to make sure you purchase the correct shape for your toilet.

How to measure for a toilet seat

Measuring up your toilet for a new seat is the best way to ensure you get the perfect fit. Keep reading to find out what measurements you should take. Please remove your existing toilet seat before taking any measurements.

Length – This is calculated by measuring from the back of one fixing hole to the front edge of the toilet.

Width – Measure across your toilet pan at the widest point.

Fixing holes – Simply measure the gap between the two fixing holes on your toilet. This is usually a standard size, however, it can vary in some cases. Best to make sure.

Types of toilet seat fixings

Toilet seats are available in either top or bottom fixings, making it essential for you to know which fixing is correct for your toilet when replacing an existing seat.

Once you’ve worked out the type of fixing that’s best for your toilet, in most cases you will then have the option to choose standard fixings or quick fix and easy clean. If you’re looking to make cleaning your toilet a simpler task, then a quick fix or easy clean toilet seat is an ideal solution.

A quick-release seat allows you to remove and fix your toilet seat quicker and more easily than a standard toilet seat, making it perfect for easy access when cleaning your toilet.

Top-fix toilet seats are similar in design to quick-release toilet seats as you have easy, visible access to the fittings.

Bottom-fix toilet seats, however, are slightly more difficult to fit and remove as they involve fixing with bolts. Therefore, this style of fixings is only suitable for certain toilet styles, so please make sure to check this before purchasing.

Now you know which toilet seat is best for your toilet why not update other items in your bathroom such as your bath, shower, flooring, and bathroom furniture?

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