Rimless Toilet Buying Guide

rimless toilet

The perks of a rimless toilet has no bounds. But why should you buy one? When thinking of reasons to purchase one of these modern loos, let’s start with the basics; what exactly is a rimless toilet?

What is a Rimless Toilet?

Most traditional toilets we all know have a rim around the inner pan which, when you flush, distributes water to wash away the waste in your toilet. However, if you lift the lid of a rimless toilet, you’ll see one big, noticeable difference - there’s no rim! Instead, these toilets work by flushing water around the whole pan using a superior flushing mechanism.

At surface level, the two seem fairly similar, but when you open up the lid and take a look inside (we'd advise against this!), it’s clear to see why the rimless toilet should be your favourite every time.

The Pros

With the up-and-coming rimless toilet boasting many impressive advantages over its predecessor, we've taken a closer look at the many perks these modern toilets have to offer:

Easier cleaning

One of the main advantages of these toilets is their cleaning ability. Although on the outside they may look the same as a traditional toilet, its rimless feature make them far easier to clean. With the rim above the toilet bowl, cleaning a standard toilet can be difficult as you can never be quite sure if you’ve cleaned every spot, but with a rimless toilet, that issue is taken away for you. With its rimless design, you’ll make direct contact as you’re cleaning your toilet every time!

Clean toilet

More hygienic

A rimless toilet not only makes for easier cleaning, there's also a clear improvement in hygiene from your bog-standard toilet. Unlike a traditional toilet that can store and build up unwanted bacteria, there is no room for nasty bacteria and limescale to build up with a rimless toilet.

Superior flushing

Rimless toilets use an innovative direct flush which, unlike your traditional toilet where the water is distributed in a downwards manner, the water shoots around the pan and conveniently covers the whole bowl.

This allows a cleaner and more even flush. What's more, this flush is far more powerful than your old-school loo, too!

rimless toilet seat

Helps save water

These contemporary loos are also great for conserving water. Although the flushing system is superior to a traditional toilet, by shooting water around the bowl rather than spreading it around the rim, they manage to use less water, meaning it's not only great for the environment, but also your bank account!

More comfortable

No-one wants to feel uncomfortable on the toilet! Unlike a traditional loo, the bowl of a rimless toilet is at the same level as the seat, which significantly enhances the overall comfort of a rimless toilet, adding a much-needed touch of comfort to your toilet experience!

rimless toilet

Types of Rimless Toilet

Much like your old-fashioned toilet, the rimless toilet can come in a variety of styles that's perfect for any home, whether it be smaller or larger. Not veering too far away from its predecessor, the rimless toilet follows suit in offering three key types:

Close coupled rimless toilet

Close coupled toilets are one of the most commonly used types of toilet in our homes. The close coupled toilet is created with a visible cistern located directly above the toilet bowl. Mixing a traditional design with a modern, rimless twist, the close coupled rimless toilet boasts a far more hygienic option than your traditional close coupled toilet.

wall hung toilet

Wall hung toilet

Step into the future with a modern wall hung toilet. With the loo elevated from the floor, these toilets are perfect for minimalism. Boasting a concealed cistern and hidden fixings, wall hung toilets also achieve a more streamlined feel and are perfect for anyone not wanting to lose space in their bathroom.

Back to wall toilet

A back to wall toilet design will instantly provide a modern feel to your bathroom. Ideal for a space-saving toilet solution, by concealing the cistern behind the pan or in a unit or wall, the back to wall toilet gives a spacious feel to any bathroom.

For more information on the types of toilets you can buy, please click here.

It’s clear to see why a rimless toilet could be seen as superior to your traditional toilet, boasting a plethora of perks that the traditional loo just can't live up to. So, when it comes to buying your next loo, be sure to consider the impressive rimless toilet!

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