6 Ways to Style a Black Framed Shower Screen

black framed shower screen

Black framed shower screens have grown increasingly popular in recent years and work with many different bathroom design trends. But what’s so great about them, and what’s the best way to style them? Below, we’ll take you through six ways to style a black shower screen as well as their many benefits.

Why choose a black framed shower screen?

There are plenty of reasons to choose a framed black screen for your new bathroom or renovation project.

Options to suit shower enclosures and shower baths

Whether you have a full shower enclosure or a shower bath, there’s a screen available to suit your requirements.

  • Shower screens and wet room shower screens are designed for a walk-in shower enclosure or wet room. They're generally 1800-2000mm tall and fixed into position.
  • A bath screen is designed to sit over a bathtub, so it’s somewhat shorter at 1400-1600mm. Some are folding, sliding or hinged, making it easier to get into and out of the bath. Shower bath screens come in different shapes to suit different styles of shower bath, such as P-shaped and L-shaped baths.

Easier and cheaper to install

Framed shower screens have a frame around the glass which makes them more robust. This can make them easier and cheaper to install than frameless alternatives.

Ideal for a designer look

The frame provides enough structure that you can get away with thinner glass, perfect for a designer feel.

Stylish, versatile black finish

Black is a very versatile colour. This means you can easily refresh your bathroom colour scheme without having to replace your screen.

Preferable to a shower curtain

A black over bath shower screen is a fabulous alternative to a shower curtain. Not only is it more stylish, but it’s also less likely to leak or go mouldy. It won’t billow like a shower curtain, either. So, if you can’t stand the slimy feel of a shower curtain sticking to your skin, a screen is well worth considering.

black crittall shower screen

What design trends work with a black framed shower screen?

Black shower or bath screens suit a variety of different looks. Here are our top six ways to style them.

A minimalist look

A black shower bath screen or enclosure is the perfect centrepiece for a minimalist bathroom. Clean lines and simplicity are the essence of minimalism, so stick to a slim frame and a straightforward, gridless design. Black is a powerful colour, so resist the temptation to choose black accessories and brassware, especially in a smaller bathroom. Otherwise, your screen will be competing for attention with other objects in the room. A stylish brass or chrome shower will blend with the rest of your décor without stealing any of the spotlight.

Art Deco bathrooms

Crittall shower screens are inspired by Crittall style windows, a particular type of steel-framed, black window. They were invented by ironmonger Francis Henry Crittall in the 1800s but became associated with the Art Deco and Modernist movements in the 1920s and 30s. As such, a black Crittall shower screen is perfectly in keeping with an Art Deco style bathroom.

Fluting is another technique used in Art Deco styling. If a grid design doesn’t appeal, then a black fluted shower screen may be the perfect alternative for your project. It will also provide a touch more privacy than a standard screen since the glass is not fully transparent.

monochrome bathroom with bath screen

Monochrome bathrooms

Monochrome bathrooms use a black and white colour scheme for maximum contrast. Take care to balance your white and black elements effectively to avoid overpowering the space. You should also consider any patterns carefully so that the room doesn’t look too busy.

Ideally, you should stick with just one busy element in your design. For example:

  • If you want to use a black grid bath screen or shower screen, balance it out with plain white tiles and matching white grouting
  • A plain, simple black shower screen can offset another busy element in the room. This is perfect if your heart is set on patterned flooring or black or grey grouting.

Industrial style bathrooms

Industrial styling mixes and matches raw materials such as wood, metal, stone and concrete. This often involves using a lot of greys and earthy, neutral colours. A matt black bath screen is a good fit for these colour schemes and blends in far better than chrome.

A black grid shower screen can be a great choice here. Its thick, grid pattern frame adds even more metal to your décor and is somewhat reminiscent of factory windows.

High-end elegance

It’s easy to include a black bath shower screen or enclosure when styling sophisticated bathroom. It suits many different colours, including elegant neutrals, classic white and sleek grey. Plus, it works with a variety of materials and textures, such as marble, natural stone and wood.

A classic, timeless look

Black never truly goes out of style and is compatible with many different colour schemes. If you want your bathroom to have timeless appeal, a black wet room shower screen is an easy feature to incorporate.

black fluted bath screen

Top tips for styling a black framed shower screen

Use black sparingly

Black is a bold colour, so be mindful of how much you use in your design. Consider the impact your black bath shower screen has on the rest of the room. A thicker or grid shower screen will dominate the space more than slimmer and simpler designs, for instance.

black bathroom accessories

Compliment with removable accessories

Are you using too much black in your design or too little? It’s not always easy to get the balance right. One way around this is to decorate the room with simple black bathroom accessories that are easy to remove, rather than committing to black brassware or bathroom fixtures. Try adding a black shower caddy, toilet brush or toilet roll holder and get a feel for what works. If you decide you’ve gone too far, you can dial it back in moments by simply removing an accessory or two.

Be careful with patterns

A black bathroom shower screen has strong lines that are going to stand out and may conflict with other patterns in the room. Don’t forget that patterns occur in all kinds of places and are not always intentional. Your tiles will have a pattern, for instance, which will be made more prominent by black or grey grouting.

black crittall bath shower screen for l-shaped bath

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