Wet Room and Walk-in Shower Enclosure Ideas

Creating a luxurious shower retreat needn’t be difficult. If you prefer a shower to a bath, then why not go all out and create a stylish wet room or shower room?

Where a bathroom might focus on the bath, a wet room or shower room focuses on the shower and with plenty of clever ways to make your shower a real statement feature, you’re guaranteed to have a wet room or shower room that you’re proud to show off!

With stunning wall panels and tiles, you can make a real statement, from subtle monochromes to bright blues and pinks, making your shower area really stand out.

Wet room benefits

When someone mentions a wet room, you might think of shower seats and grab rails but a wet room doesn’t just have to be a practical, accessible space it can be a stylish, relaxing space too.

Yes, wet rooms are perfect for the elderly or those with mobility issues, but they can also be a stylish and relaxing retreat for those with limited bathroom space or those who prefer a shower to a bath.


Wet rooms are ideal for those with mobility issues, providing one flat surface with no shower tray or bath to navigate, making it easy to manoeuvre around the room by foot or in a wheelchair.

A wet room can easily give the less mobile and elderly some much-needed independence and peace of mind. In an average-sized or larger wet room, there’s likely to be more floor and wall space providing the flexibility to install shower seats, grab rails, and other shower aids easily.

Most shower aids such as seats and grabs rails come with the ability to be folded away when not in use, allowing other family members to use the wet room without these being a hindrance.


If you have a bathroom or shower room with limited space, then it might be time to consider turning it into a wet room. With no shower tray or awkward shower door, a wet room not only provides more manoeuvrable space but also offers more usable space for storage, such as vanity units and heated towel rails.

When thinking about the layout of a wet room, you need to ensure you position your shower in an area far enough away from items such as towels and toilet rolls, to prevent them from getting splashed. Equally, you could install a shower screen to contain any water splashes from your shower area.

For more information on space-saving solutions read our post on small wet room ideas.


The benefits of waterproofing a wet room or bathroom are endless. Providing a completely waterproof seal between your walls and floors, waterproofing will help to prevent damp or mould from forming.

A fully waterproofed wet room also provides wonderful insulation. Waterproof boarding can help to keep the warmth in, which is especially important in the winter. It works particularly well when paired with underfloor heating or a heated towel rail.

Easy to clean

Cleaning a wet room can if designed correctly, be more straightforward than cleaning a standard bathroom. With fewer nooks and crannies and more flat surfaces, wiping down a wet room screen or shower wall can be done in no time! Even mopping the floor is a much simpler task. Simply fill a bucket with warm water, add a bathroom floor cleaner and start mopping.

Can you have underfloor heating in a wet room?

Underfloor heating is a great solution to heating a wet room. With inevitable water splashes and puddles after a shower, underfloor heating will help to dry these patches out in no time. Underfloor heating in a wet room can also eliminate the need for bath mats, which unsurprisingly can get soaked and need regular washing.

Can you fit a bath in a wet room?

Contrary to popular belief, baths can be fitted in most wet rooms, dependent of course on the space available. If you have a large wet room then adding a bath will not only make the space more versatile but will also create a beautiful statement feature in a potentially otherwise clinical-looking room.

Are wet rooms suitable for children?

With the ability to create a versatile bathroom space, wet rooms can be perfect for family homes. We all know children like to splash around when having a bath or shower, making a wet room an ideal solution. With built-in waterproofing, you won’t need to worry about water splashes as they can be wiped up easily without any hassle.

Walk-in shower benefits


Unlike wet rooms a walk-in shower doesn’t need to break the bank, making them a perfect solution for those of you working on a limited budget. With wonderful chrome enclosures available from as little as £200 you’ll be on the way to creating a beautiful shower room in no time.

Easy fitting

Shower enclosures can be fitted in less than half the time it takes to create a wet room, making them an ideal choice if you need a new shower in a rush. Perhaps your old enclosure no longer does the job or you’re giving your bathroom a complete overhaul, whichever the reason, a shower enclosure is sure to improve your bathroom.

For more information take a look at our post on how much it costs to fit a bathroom.

Wet room and shower screens

Wet room and shower screens are perhaps the last thing people choose when installing a shower room or wet room, however, they can be one of the most important elements. Get the wrong sized shower screen and you could end up with wet furniture and slippery floors, not only annoying but a potential accident waiting to happen. Available in a range of sizes and designs, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your shower room.

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