How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Wet Room


For many people, the idea of a luxurious wet room is a far-off dream, but in reality, the process is not as difficult as you might imagine! The idea of a wet room is simply that instead of having the shower boxed off in one corner, the bath is removed and the entire room becomes one luxuriously sized “shower room”. The room is fully drainable and often the basin and the toilet will remain in place so that you can still utilize these necessary details.

Before you start getting to work on your new wet room, take a lot at the many perks and some disadvantages of these luxurious spaces:


Attractive aesthetic

Wet rooms boast opulence and extravagance, making them very attractive spaces. You can enjoy the freedom to design your wet room however you like, whether it’s bright colours or simplicity. Wet rooms also make the perfect environment for growing certain plants such as ferns and this addition can create a magical atmosphere and really make your morning shower into a special experience!


Due to its large, open space, wet rooms offer a practical space that allow disabled users to freely access the shower without an edge or step to manoeuvre over. Wet rooms can also be a great choice for families with children as it is easier for children to manage in a larger space.

Simplistic and easy to clean

These spaces, whether they’re large or smaller, are simple to clean as there are less nooks and crannies to work with! It’s much easier to keep a wet room squeaky clean due to its simplistic layout.

Adds value to your home

Adding a luxurious wet room to your bathroom is also the perfect way to increase the value of your home. Due to the popularity of these opulent rooms, by adding one into your home, you’ll be appealing to a wide range of people and instantly increase the value of your house.


The main issue with a wet room is the flooring. The floor must be of a lower level in order for the water to drain off. This can be fixed by adding a “pooling” area around the plughole, so that there is a gradual incline and all water heads in the right direction. Many people who opt for wet rooms also choose to fully tile the room and add integral tiled seating for a really extravagant feeling to the space.

For smaller homes, wet rooms can be problematic owing to the splashing which will inevitably result from showering in the open. Wet rooms can also be chilly so under floor heating is usually recommended. The lack of a bath could put future buyers off as many people want at least one bath in a home.

How to build your wet room

Now you know the perks of a wet room, it’s time to get into the building side! When thinking of building a wet room, the process will inevitably differ depending on your bathroom’s set-up and the type of products you use. However, building a wet room should follow these general steps:

  • Remove your bathroom floor to expose the floorboards where the wet room floor boarding will be placed, being aware of any pipes or cables
  • Position your waste pipe and drain base for your shower
  • Floor panels will be re-laid with a hole cut in for the drain (it is essential this is completely level to allow the new floor gradient to work!)
  • The wet room floorboard can be fitted into place (it should fit perfectly with the hole aligned for the drain)
  • The rest of the bathroom floor will be laid with waterproof boarding. These boards will have a slight gradient to ensure the water runs towards the drain
  • The floor will then need to be coated in waterproof tape, covering and sealant to ensure all surfaces and gaps are watertight
  • It is important that the floor gradient is maintained at all times to ensure the water can drain
  • Once all the waterproofing materials have been allowed to set and dry, the floor tiles can be laid

Lastly, here are some top tips and crucial elements we think you’ll need to create the finishing touches to your new wet room:


One of the key elements of a wet room conversion is to waterproof your room. If you decide to miss this crucial step, you could end up with a wet room that leaks or struggles to manage moisture, and nobody wants that! By waterproofing your new wet room, you reduce the risk of any unwanted water damage.


In order to achieve the proper flooring in a wet room, it's a good idea to install a “sub floor” which is basically a second floor which is then covered over with tiles. Other options involve large tray-like surfaces being installed in the room so that the entire surface slopes towards the drain, ensuring that your room is fully dry when not in use. We recommend the AKW Tuff Form Wet Room Former.


Tiling is an important stage of creating a new wet room, as it’s necessary to have the room fully tiled from floor to ceiling. While it may seem like this could be a costly exercise, it does afford some wonderful choices in terms of design and colour! We suggest adding tiles such as Starline Bathroom Ceiling Panels or Linda Barker Wall Panels for the perfect, stylish touch.

Shower and shower enclosures

Enhance the luxurious feel of your new wet room with the perfect shower and shower enclosure. Stylish mixer showers are a popular choice when it comes to wet rooms to complete the luxurious feel, but the right shower can be any style you like!

Complete the look with a stylish yet simplistic shower enclosure, designed with function and style in mind. Create your ideal showering space by using a single wet room panel such as the Diamond Wet Room Shower Screen to section off an area of your wet room with ease, or a more extravagant double panel such as the Diamond Wet Room Shower Screens might be more to your liking. Whatever style you choose, these enclosures are sure to bring you a durable wet room solution.

Discover our range of wet room shower enclosures here where you can choose the perfect design for your new wet room.

Wet room kits

Wet room kits offer an easy- to install solution when creating your dream wet room. Our wet room kits allow you to tile your own 10mm porcelain tiles over the top, creating a minimalist, seamless wet room feel in your bathroom! Discover all of our wet room kits here.

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