En-Suite Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Do you want to install an en-suite bathroom, but you’ve only got limited space? Then worry not, because we're here with a set of tips, ideas and inspiration to help you create an amazing en-suite bathroom in even the smallest of spaces. Keep reading for luxury small en-suite ideas.

The benefits of en-suite bathrooms

There are many reasons why you’d want to install an en-suite bathroom, but perhaps the main reason is convenience. Even in small families, battles over the bathroom are common in the morning. An en-suite provides you with an additional bathroom for a modest investment. 

There’s more to en-suite bathrooms than convenience though.

Adding an en-suite bathroom can increase the value of your home. According to Nationwide Building Society, an extra bathroom could add as much as 6% to the value of your home. It’s true, for many people, an en-suite is an appealing feature. An en-suite can sometimes make the difference in a sale, particularly if there’s a very similar house for sale nearby that doesn’t have one. 

En-suite bathrooms also provide a great place of sanctuary in your home. Separated from the hustle and bustle of your main family bathroom, an en-suite can be somewhere you can relax and pamper yourself. 

Where to locate your en-suite bathroom

Even if your bedroom isn’t particularly large, you probably have space to add an en-suite bathroom. 

It’s often possible to remove a built-in wardrobe or an airing cupboard as a way of creating more space for an en-suite. If you want to be even more ambitious, it can also be possible to take some space from an adjoining bedroom. 

What is the smallest space you can fit an en-suite? 

Generally, the minimum space that you’ll need for an en-suite that is fitted with a basin, toilet and shower is approximately 0.8m by 1.8m. With this size space, remember that the bathroom door will need to open outwards. Whilst this is a tight space, you can still create a beautiful, comfortable en-suite bathroom.

What else do I need for an en-suite bathroom?

Like any bathroom, your en-suite will also need access to appropriate plumbing connections. We’ve provided more details below.

Running hot and cold water supply

You should see how feasible it will be to run pipework to the desired location of your en-suite. You may have to reroute pipes which can be costly. 

Pipework for radiators

It always makes sense to fit a radiator or towel radiator in your en-suite as it will prevent dampness, as well as creating a nice cosy, comfortable atmosphere. So, you should think about how much space you’ve got for a radiator and its associated pipework. 

Waste pipes

You’ll need to run waste water away from your toilet, shower and basin. The position of your new en-suite to the existing soil pipe is really important, so before you commit to installing an en-suite you’ll need to have this figured out. Again, rerouting pipes can be a big job and add a significant amount of cost to an en-suite project.


As many en-suites don’t have access to a window, you’ll need to think about how you’ll light the space. The judicious use of spotlights, mirror lights and the use of plenty of glass throughout can make a big difference and create a comfortable, light, airy atmosphere in your en-suite. 

Small space bathroom products

Once you’ve checked all of the things above and decided that you want to go ahead with an en-suite bathroom, then it’s time to think about what sort of toilet, basin and shower you’d like to install. 

Corner toilets

One of the best ways of making your small en-suite bathroom feel larger is to keep the floor space as free as possible. Corner toilets are ideal for this. 

Corner toilets function in the same way as regular toilets, but are designed to save space. Because they can be fitted in a corner, they free up the flat wall space in your bathroom for a basin, storage unit or other bathroom furniture you want to include in your en-suite.

But, corner toilets are not only functional and space-saving. They’re also massively on-trend. So, if you’re looking for a toilet for your en-suite, consider a corner toilet!

Wall hung toilets

Another space-saving toilet that’s ideal for small en-suite bathrooms is the wall-hung toilet

Wall hung toilets not only create the effect of more floor space, but they’re easy to clean too. The lack of nooks and crannies, and their sleek design means they’re so much easier to maintain than traditional toilets. 

Toilet with sink on top

If you want to save as much space as possible, why not consider a toilet and basin combination unit? These toilets include a small sink that sits atop the cistern. Not only will this type of toilet save space, but it will add a unique touch to your en-suite bathroom.

Corner showers

Like corner toilets, corner showers are ideal for small en-suite bathrooms. By using two walls, corner showers free up more wall space for other bathroom furniture

Corner showers are available with a variety of shower trays, so you can choose one that maximises the amount of floor space you have in your bathroom.

Fully enclosed bathroom units

If space really is at a premium, then you could consider a fully enclosed bathroom unit.

Those familiar with caravans will know what a fully enclosed bathroom unit is. These clever units can be used in the home as well. They contain the toilet, the shower and the sink in one unit which can simply be placed into the room. This ready made option leaves very little room for comfort, but for the tightest of spaces a fully enclosed bathroom unit will certainly fit the bill.


If you are determined to have an en-suite bathroom but don’t want (or are not able) to reroute your water and waste pipes, then a macerator could be the answer. 

A macerator makes it possible to install a toilet anywhere in your home without needing large pipes. The macerator grinds up the waste into a thinner consistency so that it can be fed down smaller pipes. The macerator then forces the material down the pipe towards your main soil pipe allowing it to be taken away with other household waste water.

Ways to make a small en-suite bathroom look bigger

As well as effectively planning your en-suite and buying the right bathroom furniture, there are a few other things you can do to make your en-suite bathroom look larger than it is.

Finishes and textures

One of the easiest ways to make your en-suite bathroom look larger, is to pick finishes and textures that reflect light and add depth to the room.

So, when selecting your bathroom furniture consider chrome fixtures and bright white ceramics. Not only will these give your en-suite a bright, airy feel, but they’re easy to clean and dry quickly too.

Bathroom tiles

Selecting the right bathroom tiles can also make a big difference. Bold, shiny ceramics help to reflect light around the room, creating the impression of a much larger space. Large tiles also create the impression of a larger space. It used to be believed that you should fit many smaller tiles to make a small bathroom look bigger, but the many grouting lines will have the reverse effect.

The way you lay your tiles can also make a difference. Laying tiles right up the ceiling also makes your bathroom look bigger. The traditional route of having a wall of half tiles, half plaster will accentuate how small your bathroom is.

The type of tile patterns you choose will also impact the perception of your bathroom. Tiles with complex and in-depth patterns will make your en-suite look smaller, so if you want the appearance of space, choose plain, bright tiles.


Colour choice can have a bigger impact than people realise. Clean, light colours are best - it’s the reason why white is the most popular bathroom colour. 

In recent years though, other colours have become popular in bathrooms. Sky blues, pastel yellows and other similar hues have emerged. 

Whichever colour you choose, think carefully about how it will relate to your bathroom furniture.


As we mentioned earlier, having the correct lighting set-up will definitely make your bathroom feel bigger than it is. 

Consider installing spotlights in the ceiling. Their intense brightness will illuminate any potentially dark nooks and crannies. You can also consider installing a mirror that features integrated LEDS. Not only does this provide further illumination, but you’ll feel like you’re a Hollywood star as you’re getting ready!


Talking of mirrors... They are a brilliant and affordable way of making a bathroom appear larger. You don’t necessarily have to confine yourself to the traditional option of having one over your sink.

You can choose large mirrors that stretch from your tiling to the ceiling. Or even very large mirrors that stretch floor to ceiling. 

Naturally, you don’t want your bathroom to end up looking like a hall of mirrors, but the careful selection and installation of mirrors can make a big difference to the perception of your en-suite. 


Perhaps one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways you can make your small en-suite bathroom look bigger is to declutter.

Vanity units are a great option for small en-suites. They provide plenty of storage for towels, soaps, cosmetics and other consumables. They also tuck away all of these things, decluttering your bathroom and providing more space. 

Under-sink cabinets are also a clever way of making the most of your limited en-suite space. Like vanity cabinets, they’ll help you hide things out of the way and provide the illusion of more space. 

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