Small bathroom with shower, sink and toilet

Complete Guide to Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

Are you struggling to make the most of your small bathroom? Whether you’ve got a narrow ensuite, a compact guest room or even a master bathroom that’s slacking on square footage, there is plenty you can do to make the most of your space.

Take a look at some of our advice on how to remodel your small bathroom and find out how to turn your tiny toilet space into a fully-fledged sumptuous suite.

How do you maximise space in a small bathroom?

There are a few simple things to bear in mind when it comes to maximising space in a small bathroom. Some of our top tips are:

  • Find the smallest bath, shower and toilet to fit the space
  • Keep clutter clear with storage spaces
  • Ensure your tiles fit the room size
  • Use the correct colours and lighting
  • Don’t forgo luxury touches!

Read on for more information on how to maximise your small bathroom with our expert tips...

What is the smallest toilet and sink I can use?

People often wonder what the smallest basin and toilet suite is. It makes sense - you don’t have much space, so why take it up with a bulky toilet?

Short projection toilets are perfect for small bathrooms. This is because they have a reduced depth, so don’t extend outwards from the wall as much as a regular-sized toilet.

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However, there is more to consider than just the size of the toilet. Just as importantly, think about the shape of your room and how you can create an illusion of space. Corner toilets, for example, can be an ideal solution for awkwardly shaped bathrooms or where windows and radiators are getting in the way.

Ceramica Forli Space Saving Corner Toilet & Soft Close Seat

Another great small toilet option is a wall hung toilet. These work well in small bathrooms because they feature a concealed cistern and no pedestal. This creates more of an illusion of space.

Finally, another great idea is a toilet and basin combination unit! These are a fantastic space saver and perfect for ensuites or cloakroom suites. By mounting a small basin on top of the cistern, they eliminate the need for an additional sink, so you can squeeze a restroom into the smallest of spaces.

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If you want to keep your sink and toilet separate, we also have plenty of small cloakroom basins. Using a wall hung style again gives the illusion of space, plus allows you to add some storage underneath, if required.

What’s the smallest bath size?

For some people, a bath is an essential, no matter how small your bathroom space is. Maybe you have small children, or maybe you just can’t live without a good soak at the end of the day!

The standard size for a bath is usually 1700mm x 700mm. However, the smallest bath sizes can be reduced to as little as 1400mm x 700mm.

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One of the best space-saving solutions for small master bathrooms is to install a shower and bath combination. While shower enclosures are ideal for small ensuites and guest bathrooms, a bath is a luxury that can really elevate your family bathroom. Shower baths allow you to enjoy a quick shower or a relaxing soak without having to double up on floor space. Use a clear shower screen or a shower curtain to keep the space feeling open.

Ceramica L Shaped Shower Bath Bundle 1500mm Left Hand - Including Shower Screen and Front Bath Panel

For more, take a look at our range of bathroom suites with shower baths.

Since many see their bath as their sanctuary in which to indulge and unwind, it’s also a good place to add a luxurious touch. A whirlpool bath is perfect for this, and luckily there are compact versions available for small bathrooms, too!

With spa-inspired jets and ambient LED lighting, Whirlpool baths with LED lighting can measure just 1100mm x 1100mm, giving you a lot of luxury for a little space!

How do you build storage in a small bathroom?

Nothing makes a small bathroom look worse than clutter. So, it’s important that you find the right bathroom cabinets that give you plenty of space to tuck away toothpaste tubes, while still maximising the size of the room.

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A good way to do this is to use a corner bathroom cabinet. These can easily be mounted in an unused area of the room without taking up too much of your wall. Choose a mirrored option to give an illusion of depth and reflect some light back into the room.

Vasari Stainless Single Door Steel Corner Mirror Cabinet 500 x 300mm

Need a little more storage space? One of our small cloakroom vanity units are another great solution! Combining a compact basin with a sleek, built in vanity unit, they make it easy to keep your bathroom looking neat. Wall hung options are a particularly good option for small bathrooms, as they leave some floor space free below. This helps keep the area feel roomy, or you could place a few storage baskets under it, if you prefer.

Aurora Grey Gloss Wall Hung Cloakroom Vanity Unit & Basin - 400mm Width

What tile size looks best in a small bathroom?

Logic may lead you to believe that smaller floor tiles are better for smaller bathrooms. However, more tiles means more grouting lines, which can lead to a cluttered and busy appearance.

Instead, you should use slightly larger tiles with a plain design. If you do use smaller tiles, limit them to just one feature wall and keep the rest painted plain.

What colours make a small bathroom look bigger?

Your colour scheme can go far in making the most of your small bathroom! Use colours that are light and bright -  and this doesn’t just limit you to white! Use airy tones of blue, green, yellow or pink to bring in some character. It’s also a good idea to blend this in with your tiles and keep the same paint colour across all walls. You can always add a few pops of colour with accessories and plants to liven it up a bit!

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Lighting is also important. If you don’t have the benefit of natural light from a window, make sure your ceiling light is bright enough to lift away any dinginess that can make your space feel smaller.

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