Are Radiator Covers a Good Idea?

The age-old question... are radiator covers a good idea? We don’t blame you for wondering, with so many different answers out there, but we’re going to cover everything, from reasons for buying a radiator cover to their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide whether a radiator cover is for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits Of Radiator Covers

Radiator covers have many benefits, from safety to covering up old and ugly radiators. There are many reasons why you might benefit from fitting radiator covers in your home. Take a look at what we think are the three main benefits of a radiator cover below.


For most people interior design and aesthetics might be the main call for installing a radiator cover, especially if you have old and dated radiators. A radiator cover is not only good for hiding a radiator but it's also perfect for concealing ugly old pipework.


Safety is another big factor that people consider when choosing to install a radiator cover, especially in homes with small children or the vulnerable.

Radiators, due to their nature, can get very hot, especially older style radiators, and this can be problematic in a busy family home. Keeping children away from radiators isn’t always possible and while it would generally take touching a radiator for a while to cause serious harm, the good old phrase ‘better safe than sorry’ comes to mind.


In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in radiator covers with built-in storage, mainly in the form of small drawers at the top of the unit, making them ideal for storing small items such as letters, keys and all other small items you can never find, but always need, such as scissors or stamps.

Even if you choose a radiator cover without drawers, you’ll still get an additional storage shelf just by using the top of the radiator cover. This surface is perfect for smaller homes that may not have space to display items such as photos or trinkets elsewhere.

How Safe Are Radiator Covers?

A well-built radiator cover with sufficient ventilation shouldn’t pose any danger. However, you should ensure any radiator cover you buy is made from a fire-safe material.  While you may only be looking for a cheap and quick fix, choosing a cheap radiator cover could affect its safety and efficiency.

Types of Radiator Covers Available

Radiator covers are available in a wide range of designs, colours, and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your needs. You can even purchase extendable options, perfect for larger-than-average radiators. It’s worth noting, in general, radiator covers are only suitable for horizontal, and not vertical radiators.

Wooden Radiator Covers

Wooden radiator covers can add a rustic touch to your home, in stark comparison to the industrial look of the radiator you’ll likely be covering up.

A wooden radiator is a wonderful option if the rest of the furniture in your home also has a wood finish. While standard white or grey radiator covers tend to be the most popular options, they don’t always fit in with everyone’s home décor.

Storage Radiator Covers

Suppose you’re thinking of using your radiator cover not only to hide an old and ugly radiator but for storage too. In that case, radiator covers with built-in drawers are a wonderful solution.

With this style of radiator cover, you don’t only get the top of the radiator cover to use as a display for photos and ornaments, but you can also use the handy drawers for storing small items such as letters, keys, and other trinkets.

Adjustable Radiator Covers

If your radiator is a particularly awkward size and you’re not able to find a radiator cover which fits perfectly, then an adjustable radiator cover might be the solution.

An adjustable radiator cover will have multiple holes for assembly, allowing you to adjust the cover to the length you need for your radiator. This also means if you were to get a new, slightly longer or shorter radiator, you could also adjust the cover to fit your new radiator.

Traditional Radiator Covers

When you think of a radiator cover, you’re probably picturing something cream or white, perhaps with a diamond or cross-patterned hole design. These gorgeous, more traditional designed radiator covers are still one of the most popular options on the market, perfect for any traditional or contemporary styled home.

Contemporary Radiator Covers

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, then worry not as there are plenty of sleek and stylish radiator covers available. From bold black and anthracite to soft greys, all in a range of designs, including adjustable options and those with storage.

Improving Heating Efficiency with Radiator Covers

While a radiator cover might not directly improve the efficiency of your heating, there are plenty of ways to keep your heating working as efficiently as possible, with a radiator cover installed.

When choosing a radiator cover, it’s good to get one a few centimetres larger than your radiator to allow heat to move without getting trapped.

You should also ensure the radiator cover has enough ventilation holes, positioned in the correct places to provide just as much heat from your radiator as without a cover.

If you want to ensure your radiator is working as efficiently as possible, placing a reflective radiator panel behind your radiator, which can help to boost the heat forward rather than seeping into the wall, is a great idea. This reflective backing can work just as well with or without a radiator cover fitted.

Explore Our Range of Radiator Covers

At Plumbworld, we stock various radiator covers from standard white or grey options to extendable covers, and even radiator covers with built-in drawers. Not only available in a large range of designs, from traditional to contemporary, but also in a range of prices, allowing you to purchase the radiator cover of your dreams, no matter the size of your budget. Visit our website today to view our full range of radiator covers.

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