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Design Inspiration: Winter Bathroom Decor

Winter is often associated with the cold but what can you do to warm up your bathroom with winter decor?

There are lots of ideas you can bring to reality to give your bathroom a winter makeover, including adding some festive-inspired touches. From decorating your walls and floors to adding some fixtures and accessories to bring some design warmth to the space.

But where do you start? Well, Plumbworld is here to explain some changes you can make to your bathroom decor so it fits the winter trend. We’ll discuss the classic colours as well as design ideas you can try to match a winter and festive colour scheme.

Read on to find out more about how winter colours can transform your bathroom…

What are winter colours and design?

bathroom winter colours

When we say “winter colours”, this can mean two things. The first are cool blues to reflect the colder temperatures. The second are traditionally festive colours that add warmth.

We’re all about the second option - we doubt you want to bring the cold inside. These colours combine natural, evergreen tones that you may associate with holly, for example. Shades of green to red, darker hues to add warmth is what these colours are about.

Tip: If you do want blue tones, go for darker shades which are much more warming.

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You can then splash in touches of gold and silver, subtly, to reflect the festive time of year. You can do this with fittings, such as taps, accessories or even with additional lighting and holiday decorations. Who said you couldn’t decorate a bathroom for Christmas?

Walls & Floors

bathroom walls and floors

While autumn design is all about natural earthy tones, winter is about warm colours, with your walls and floors an easy starting place for adding a wintery feel.

While it may not be an obvious choice for winter colours and decor, marble is an ideal base for your design overhaul. Its natural appearance will work well with contrasting colours and fittings, such as gold. You can even get marble-effect wallpaper for your bathroom to add a natural contemporary look.

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Really, the easiest way to change the decor when it comes to your walls is paint. People used to think dark colours were cold and made a room feel small - not anymore. Black could be an option, but instead, go for something like midnight blue, purple or green, as long as it is a dark shade. They all add warmth to any space.

Tip: A natural-looking alternative to painting is to add slate or slate-effect tiles to your wall for a beautiful and natural feel for a wintery design.

To add warmth to your room, without installing new heating, you could bring in some wood-effect flooring, using either floor tiles or vinyl. Look for a colour that contains slightly darker elements or grains, like browns and greys, to give the impression of warmth. Wood-effect flooring extends the boundaries of a bathroom, giving it a warm and inviting feel.


bathroom taps

While taps may only seem to come in chrome, black or with white enamel, gold will work perfectly for a winter makeover.

When it comes to winter, it’s all about bright, shimmering details against warm colours. Gold, as well as chrome, capture the winter trend perfectly, hitting that festive colour trend or a flash of cool iciness. These colours work wonderfully with marble as well as the darker tones on your walls, floors and even furniture as a contrast.

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Chrome taps will always contrast perfectly with darker tones, particularly blues, while gold will work well with green hues. Besides consisting of the colours you associate with Christmas, gold taps also bring a unique luxury touch to your bathroom.

Basins & Furniture

As we’ve said throughout, wood and different textures provide warmth, making them ideal for the winter decor trend - this continues with basins and furniture.

No matter if you have a contemporary or more traditional-looking bathroom, wood or wood-effect always works for a winter design look. If you have a wooden vanity unit with your basin on top, you could paint the unit to keep the colour running through the space. Otherwise, natural wood will offer a warm and welcoming feel.

For the basin, no matter the style you’ve gone for, you can’t really get away from it being white unless you’ve gone for an under-counter basin. If this is the case, then the marble countertop will contrast well with your taps and accessories.


bathroom lighting

We’ve discussed warming colours already throughout this guide, well, now it’s time to bring lighting into the winter design conversation.

Combining warm colours with warm lighting can create a welcoming and warming impression. Many LEDs come in a range of colours - from intense white to warmer yellows - so consider this when buying. They won’t provide the sunny day experience, but you can still add warmth to a small area - like a bathroom.

And, just for winter, fairy lights are a special bonus you can use in your bathroom at this time of year. Get some white bulbs trailed around your door frame or around the edge of your bathroom to add a festive touch. Just make sure they are suitable for use in your bathroom.

fairy lights in bathroom

Other lighting you could add includes candles - if you like to have long, relaxing baths - and lamps. You can place these in your bathroom, but a great idea is to locate them either side of a mirror so they can act as both task and mood lighting.

Tip: With it being winter, you want to maximise as much natural light as possible for warmth but also to make a bathroom look larger. You can do this using mirrors, as we’ve discussed below.


bathroom accessories

We’ve dropped some hints throughout this guide about accessories that you can add into your bathroom to make it wintery but welcoming, now here are our tips.

Firstly, are mirrors. Aside from acting as a functional fixture, mirrors can make a statement and help make a bathroom appear larger. There are a number of options available, including gold or chrome-framed mirrors as well as art deco frameless models. Gold and chrome will continue the festive theme while art deco has its own statement that blends well.

Next, try actually decorating your bathroom - yes, Christmas decorations. You may have some left over from doing your tree or other rooms, but there’s no reason why your bathroom should miss out. Gold decorations add a certain warmth and exclusivity to your overall look while silver will twinkle like snowflakes or stars. Very festive.

christmas decorations in bathroom

Another accessory to bring into your winter bathroom wonderland is plants - both real and fake. For the artificial plants, we mean garlands - a Christmas tradition that are usually made from evergreens. They will provide a touch of greenery, sometimes with baubles and berries included. Then, use seasonal flowers to complement your colour scheme.

Tip: If you want to continue the gold or silver decoration route, consider draping some tinsel around the door frame, vanity unit or, if you have one, a raised cistern.

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