Designing a Spa-Style Bathroom

Have you been to the spa recently and feel inspired to recreate that relaxed and luxurious feeling in your home? It might be easier than you think to create that spa-style experience in your bathroom.

There’s no need to splash out on a full bathroom renovation, a few simple additions can make a huge difference. No matter your budget, you’re guaranteed to find a way to bring the spa to your bathroom.

Luxurious showers

Now if a bath isn’t your thing, then a luxurious shower might be the perfect addition to your bathroom, providing a truly relaxing experience. Depending on your budget and showering needs there are a variety of options on offer.

If you have a modest budget, the simple addition of a rainfall shower head or a power shower might do the trick. However, if your budget can stretch further, why not splash out on a luxury digital shower or smart shower?

With a smart shower, not only are you able to control your shower from your phone but you can also preset your desired flow and temperature, making your showering experience perfect each and every time.

Shower towers

Shower towers are the perfect solution for an all-in-one spa experience, featuring a large overhead drencher providing you with a truly luxurious rainfall shower. Most shower towers come with a shower handset too, perfect for carrying out all the essential tasks like hair washing.

Now you’re wondering how that equates to a spa experience…well we’re not done yet, there are some other amazing spa features incorporated in a shower tower too.

Are you looking for powerful body jets, perfect for providing a massage experience? Perhaps your back or shoulders need a good massage after a long day at work? Some shower towers can provide just that with their built-in body jets. Directing water onto your body where the overhead shower can’t reach, you’re guaranteed a relaxing spa-like feel.

Relaxing whirlpool baths

One of the easiest ways to bring that relaxed spa-like atmosphere to your bathroom is with a Whirlpool bath. Available in a range of styles, from a standard straight bath to the more spacious P or L-shaped bath, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Depending on the size and style of bath you choose, you’ll be greeted by an inline water heater for a steady 40-degree bathing experience, an Ozonator water purification system to keep your water fresh and free of nasty germs, and multiple powerful water jets, perfect for creating a calm and relaxing environment.

To complete the spa experience, some Whirlpool baths even come with calming LED lighting helping you to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Indulgent freestanding baths

An old classic when it comes to relaxing in the bathroom. A gorgeous freestanding bath provides the perfect setting for a calming bubble bath. Simply lie back, unwind, and enjoy the bubbles.

Available in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes, finding the right freestanding bath for your bathroom has never been easier. Perhaps you want to go all out with a traditional copper roll-top bath or maybe a simple enamel contemporary option is more up your street.

Stylish freestanding taps

If you’ve chosen a freestanding bath for your relaxing spa-style bathroom, then don’t forget the taps! The best choice of tap for a stylish freestanding bath is perhaps a freestanding bath shower mixer.

Providing both style and convenience you can even tackle the more practical tasks such as washing your hair with the shower mixer. A freestanding tap also provides a glorious visual and audible sensory experience watching and listening to your bath fill with bubbles.

Eye catching countertop basins

Every bathroom needs a basin but who says it only needs to be practical? A stylish countertop basin, paired with floating shelves or a luxury vanity unit can give your bathroom a grown-up relaxed feel. The shelves can pair as storage space for those gorgeous fluffy white spa towels and robes or the expensive lotions that make all your worries float away.

Not only will a countertop basin add a fantastic touch of luxury to your bathroom but when paired with a stylish wall-hung mirror, you’ll have the perfect space to enjoy a relaxing pamper session. Get into your cosiest pyjamas and treat yourself to a spa-style facial.

Lighting to set the mood

All the best spa-style bathrooms include relaxing lighting to set the mood and create a calming atmosphere, but what type of lighting is best?

Now, most bathrooms tend to have fitted ceiling lights or spotlights as standard, but this lighting is hardly relaxing, and no one wants the alternative. Sitting in the dark. So, what types of lighting are best? Keep reading to find out.

If you’re looking to create a truly restful and calming atmosphere, then a selection of candles or tea lights are a great option. However, if you intend to read a good book in a relaxing bubble bath, you may need more direct lighting.

Dimmable spotlights in a warm white light are great, creating a more direct light without being too harsh on your eyes. This way you can direct your spotlight to the right angle and dim to the right level of brightness too.

Neutral colour tones

Neutral tones help to create a bathroom perfect for relaxation. Light blues and greens are some of the most calming colours, especially when paired with warm creams and beiges.

This tranquil feel can be achieved using stylish neutral bathroom wall panels or tiles, paired with a calming feature wall painted in a light shade of blue, green, or cream. When combined with other fittings such as a light wood vanity unit or a contemporary white freestanding bath, you can easily achieve a relaxing spa feel in your home.

Accessorise in style

If you only have a small budget, then simple additions such as some new fluffy towels or a luxuriously thick pile bath mat can help to give your bathroom that luxury spa feel, without breaking the bank. The simple addition of soft furnishings can make a massive difference, so why not give it a try?

Creating a spa bathroom in a family home

If you live in a busy family home with just one bathroom, you may be thinking it’s impossible to create a luxury retreat for yourself once the kids are in bed, but don’t panic, it is possible!

Whether you have 1,2,3 or even 10 kids, the bathroom tends to become the place for them to splash around and play but when it also needs to be your late-night retreat it can be difficult to combine the two.

Worry no more as at least one or even all the options talked about above can work in a family bathroom. Depending on the age of your children, they might not use the bath anymore, just the shower, so why not keep the bath for yourself and choose a separate shower for the kids? But if your children are still young, there are plenty of handy storage options to keep their toys hidden out of sight, helping to turn your bathroom back into that tranquil oasis you desire.

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