Grey Bathroom Inspiration

Over the last few years, grey has become the go-to colour for a lot of home renovations. If you’re looking to decorate your bathroom with a grey theme, then you’ve come to the right place. This post will discuss all the ways to create a beautiful grey bathroom as well as how to add a little splash of colour!

Walls and Floors

One of the easiest ways to create a grey theme in your bathroom is through the use of tiles, wall panels and grey paint.

Painting your bathroom grey might well be the easiest and in some cases the cheapest way to add a grey colour theme to your bathroom, with paint starting from as little as £22 for one tin of good quality bathroom wall paint. However, when paired with grey wall or floor tiles of a slightly different tone you can really see your bathroom come to life.


Grey bathroom tiles come in all shapes, sizes and shades, so you’ll be guaranteed to find the right style for your bathroom. If you’re looking to fully tile a small bathroom, then go for large tiles in a light grey as this will help prevent the room from looking cramped and claustrophobic.

For larger bathrooms though, the sky really is the limit. However, you should remember the larger the area to tile the more expensive it will be. Therefore, if you’re redecorating a larger bathroom on a small budget then you might consider tiling only the main splash areas in the room. For example, behind the basin and around your shower or bath or creating a half-tiled wall.

If you’re looking to create a truly luxurious grey bathroom, then beautiful grey marble or marble effect tiles are a wonderful idea. Not only can they instantly transform your bathroom, but they also add patterns, helping to prevent your grey bathroom from looking dull and uninviting.

Wall Panels

Wall panels are a brilliant solution for the area surrounding your shower enclosure or shower bath as they work brilliantly in high splash zones. Whether you need 1 panel or 3, bathroom wall panels are quick and easy to install and unlike tiles don’t require any grouting, making them simple for even a DIY notice to install! Starting from around £80 for one panel you’re guaranteed to find wall panels to suit all budgets.

Furniture and Storage

If you would prefer not to paint or tile your whole bathroom grey then why not consider choosing some matching grey furniture for your bathroom, en suite, or even downstairs cloakroom. Let’s face it who wants their toiletries lying around on the side when you can have a beautiful grey piece of furniture to store it all in?

Vanity Units

If you’re looking for some clever storage solutions in your newly renovated grey bathroom, then vanity units are a wonderful choice. Available in a wide range of clever designs from toilet and basin units to countertop and wall-hung units, you’re guaranteed to find a style to suit your space.


Looking to create a minimalist grey bathroom? If the answer is yes, then look no further than a stunning bathroom countertop. Featuring a handy towel rail and a beautiful flat surface to place a countertop basin or just somewhere to place your cosmetics when getting ready for an evening out, you really won't be disappointed.


Storing all your bathroom essentials can be difficult when you don’t have the right kind of bathroom storage, especially in a family home. When you’re creating a new gorgeous grey bathroom the last thing you want is toiletries strewn around the room running its aesthetics. Take a look at our range of beautiful grey bathroom cabinets to solve all your bathroom storage issues.


When you think of a bathroom basin you tend to think of white ceramic, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A grey basin can really make all the difference to a plain clinical-looking bathroom, especially when paired with a beautiful countertop vanity unit or other grey accent pieces such as towels, bath mats, and shower curtains.

Painted Baths

If you’re looking to go all out with your stylish new grey bathroom, then a grey painted bath can add a much-needed touch of luxury. Imagine relaxing in your brand-new painted bath after a day out with the kids or a long day at work. Sheer perfection.

Heated Towel Rails

Not only do heated towel rails conveniently hold and warm your towels, but they can also help to keep your whole bathroom warm if you don't have space for a separate radiator.

If you’re looking for a heated towel rail to match your grey bathroom, then you’ve come to the right place. With designer towel rails in multiple shades and sizes as well as ones in vibrant shades to add a splash of colour, you're bound to find the towel rail most suited to your needs.

Designer Radiators

Radiators don’t just have to be practical they can also create a wonderful statement piece in any room. If you’re following a grey colour scheme this doesn’t mean every item in the room has to be grey. Why not add a splash of colour in the form of a designer radiator and create a practical but stylish statement piece in your bathroom? Colours such as yellow and copper are an excellent choice, pairing well with any shade of grey.


When choosing accessories for a grey bathroom you can either continue with the theme and choose grey accessories or you could add a small pop of colour. Ideally, when adding colour to a grey bathroom you should stick to just one or maybe 2 (at a push) bold colours such as yellow, pink, or navy blue.

If you choose to use a grey and yellow theme, then chrome taps will work best. However, if you choose to add pink or navy-blue accessories to your grey bathroom then copper taps or a beautiful copper countertop basin will really make your bathroom come to life.

How to add colour to a grey bathroom?

Whether you’ve got an existing grey bathroom you feel lacks in colour or you’re redecorating with a grey theme, keep reading to find out how to successfully add more colour to the room.

Creating a luxurious grey bathroom can be easy however, after time you might find yourself craving a splash of colour and this can easily be fixed with a few small changes.

If you’re on a budget then simple accessories such as wall art, towels, shower curtains, bath mats, and blinds in a bold colour can make all the difference. However, if money isn’t a problem, then consider purchasing a new bath, radiator, or vanity unit in a bright colour or even a simple switch to gold or copper taps instead of chrome ones.

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