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Design Inspiration: Bathroom Storage Ideas

No matter if your bathroom is large or small, you want to make the most of the area available without taking away valuable wall and floor space.

This means you need to generate some clever bathroom storage ideas. It can be easy for a bathroom to feel cramped, cluttered and claustrophobic. This is especially true if your surfaces overflow with toiletries, towels or bath toys. It makes it an unrelaxing place.

So, Plumbworld is here to help you clear the clutter from your bathroom with some handy storage ideas that won’t make your space feel smaller. We’ve used our expertise to pick out some furniture to make your bathroom a relaxing retreat again.

Read on to find out the handy bathroom storage ideas to declutter your space…

Why clear walls and floors are important

When it comes to bathroom design and ensuring you’re removing clutter, you can’t just put vanity cabinets and wall storage everywhere. This is because being able to see more of the floor and walls gives the impression of a larger space.

In a small bathroom, it can be tricky to balance storage with a need for space to breathe and letting light in, so floating or hanging fixtures are a great answer. This is also why open shelving is also important. Simply, the more light you let in and space you can see, the better.

Bathroom corner unit

corner bathroom units

If there is one space which often gets completely overlooked in your bathroom, it’s the corner. Corners can be tricky, they’re often taken up by a bath or shower, especially depending on where your door is, but they can be used to your advantage.

A bathroom corner unit utilises this space perfectly. They can either be for storage only or by combining your basin with a cupboard-cabinet unit. A bathroom corner unit is perfect for a downstairs cloakroom where space is much more limited.

Fitted bathroom furniture

Fitted furniture is not just for your kitchen, you can also have it in your bathroom. It may not be something you've considered, but it is another clever bathroom storage idea. Integrating your basin and even your toilet provides a seamless look while maximising the space.

Fitted bathrooms are ideal for ensuites and family bathrooms and will give your decor a clean and sophisticated look. It could integrate basins, tall cabinets and back-to-wall toilets into a fitted furniture unit. Done seamlessly, it will save space and create a focal point.

Wall-mounted cabinets

wall-mounted cabinets

Keeping your floor space clear is the first step to solving your bathroom storage problems. If a mirror cabinet or small bathroom storage cabinets aren’t enough, wall-mounted cabinets could be the solution, especially taller models that can store larger objects.

Floating storage gives you room to store essentials, but seeing the flooring underneath makes your bathroom appear more open. You can fit pretty much everything into wall-hung cabinets while making use of space that would otherwise not be utilised.

Bathroom towel racks

Again, if you can spare the wall space, a bathroom towel rack could be an excellent space saver as a storage cupboard is too large. Bathroom towel racks provide you with a useful place to store your fresh towels and hang the ones that you’re using.

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Towel racks are especially useful for family bathrooms or if your space is used a lot - coming in handy when guests are over. They don’t have to be heated towel rails - these take up more wall space - but a simple small metal shelf that you can install easily yourself.

Storage boxes & baskets

bathroom shelves

Incredibly simple and effective, storage boxes or baskets are a quick and easy way to keep your toiletries and small items in one place. These are more versatile than small storage cabinets, especially when combined with a washstand or open-front shelving.

If your small bathroom has limited counter space, shelves are easy to install almost anywhere in your bathroom. Whether it’s a unit or a floating shelf, they provide plenty of space to cut down on clutter when combined with storage boxes or baskets.

Over-the-toilet storage

Toilets are known for attracting dust and items, becoming a makeshift storage space. You can instead create a functional storage unit above the toilet to display towels or toiletries. This could be a shallow shelving unit so you don’t knock it while using your loo. 

Solutions, like over-the-toilet storage shelves, can make your bathroom feel less cluttered without forcing anyone to change habits through invasive furniture. These shelves come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, so you can match them to your bathroom decor.

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