5 Shower Enclosures for Small Bathrooms


If you have your heart set on a shower enclosure but have a smaller than average bathroom then you might be wondering what type of shower enclosure is best for your needs. Worry not as there are plenty of shower enclosures of all shapes and designs perfect for small spaces. Keep reading to find out about five of the best shower enclosures for small bathroom designs.

While most people think long and hard about the shower they choose, fewer people tend to consider the type of shower enclosure needed. However, a shower enclosure is important, especially in a small bathroom.

So, now’s the time to consider who will be using the space, whether you have another bathroom in the house and whether it has a bath, shower, or both.

If you don’t have a bath elsewhere in your home but need one to bathe the kids or even just to enjoy a bubble bath at the end of a long week then worry not as a shower bath might just suit your needs. Keep reading to find out more about the humble shower bath and how this can work wonderfully in a small bathroom.

Walk in shower enclosures


Perhaps one of the best options for a small bathroom. A walk-in shower enclosure. Not only providing style and practicality but the perfect option for a small space.

Without the worry of an enclosure door, you can simply walk into your shower. No need to worry about the width of an enclosure door, or leaving space free to make sure a door can be easily opened. Just walk straight in and let your worries float away.

A walk-in shower enclosure also gives you the option to create a wet room. If you’d rather your bathroom flooring have a seamless look, then you can achieve just this with a wet room. With no need for a shower tray, you can create a wet room by installing suitable wet room flooring under your current flooring as well as drainage. If you’re taking your flooring up to create a wet room, this is also the perfect opportunity to install underfloor heating.

For more information on wet rooms take a look at the following posts – How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Wet RoomEverything You Need to Know About Wet RoomsSmall Wet Room Ideas.

Square shower enclosures


One of the most popular shower enclosure designs, square enclosures, are ideal for small spaces and available in a range of door styles, allowing you to choose the best option for your bathroom.

This style of enclosure comes with either hinged, pivot or bifold doors, however, not all will be suitable for a small bathroom. We recommend bifold or pivot doors over hinged options as these take up less space when open.

Bifold doors are perhaps the best option for a small bathroom as they only take up a small amount of space when open. You can also choose to have them open towards a wall too, making it easier to get into your shower enclosure.

While similar to hinged doors, pivot doors can take up slightly less space when opened due to their clever pivot mechanism. Their pivot design means a small proportion of the shower door will open into the enclosure and the rest will swing out like a standard hinged door.

The type of door you choose for a square enclosure is important but it’s also essential to consider the positioning of the enclosure itself. Unlike the sweeping curve of a quadrant enclosure, a square enclosure can have an awkward corner, making it more difficult to access the bathroom itself, or other objects such as a basin or toilet. Make sure to keep access in mind when choosing your shower enclosure.

Quadrant shower enclosures


Due to their smooth curved design, quadrant shower enclosures can keep more of your bathroom floor space clear when compared to a square enclosure. Their beautiful, curved design also makes them the perfect fit for small or awkward corners.

Quadrant enclosures are available in both standard and offset quadrant designs, however, we would recommend sticking to a standard quadrant design in a small bathroom, as offset quadrant shower enclosures tend to take up slightly more space.

With the options of either single or double doors, you can choose the best quadrant shower enclosure for your space. For example, a single door might not suit your space depending on the positioning of other items such as your basin and toilet, due to just the one door opening. After all, the last thing you want is to walk straight into the toilet when you get out of the shower.

However, a double door option will open more centrally, hopefully allowing easy access without squeezing past your other bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Frameless shower enclosures


A frameless shower enclosure can provide a minimalist feel in a small space, helping to make your bathroom seem more spacious. If you’re looking to create a contemporary bathroom, this might be your enclosure.

We all know shower enclosures aren’t the easiest of bathroom fixtures to clean, with hinges, seals and other hard-to-reach areas but with a frameless enclosure, this cleaning regime is lessened slightly.

As well as their seals, shower enclosure frames can be one of the easiest places for mould to build up when not cleaned regularly. Therefore, a frameless design will also help to prevent unwanted and unsightly mould from growing on your shower enclosure.

Shower baths


Now, if you enjoy relaxing in both the bath and shower but don’t have space for them separately, then a shower bath might be the perfect alternative.

Providing plenty of space to both shower and bathe in comfort, shower baths are an ideal solution for family bathrooms where everyone’s bathing needs are different. Shower baths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes from standard straight options to slightly larger P-shaped or L-shaped designs, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your small bathroom.

Styling your small shower bath has never been easier, with a multitude of designs for your bath shower screen. Not only do these clever screens help to prevent unwanted splashes and puddles around the bathroom but they can also add to the interior design of the space. From standard framed chrome options to black crittall glass and even brushed brass designs, there's something for every taste.

For more information on each type of shower enclosure and door style, take a look at the handy video below. Covering everything from design to installation and tolerances, there’s plenty of information to get you started on your journey to purchasing a shower enclosure for a small bathroom.

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